The best Twitter accounts you need to follow if you’re learning French

The best Twitter accounts you need to follow if you’re learning French

by Erin McGann

Updated November 9, 2022

If you already spend a lot of time on Twitter (raises hand), it makes perfect sense to follow some accounts in French to learn some new vocabulary. But don’t just follow traditional language learning accounts, although those are helpful.

Look for subjects you’re interested in and follow those in French too. It’s worth checking where each account is located, so you know if you’re getting a bit of Quebec flavour or not!

Our top 8 Twitter accounts for learning French

1. French with Marion (@FrenchwithMarion)

This is a French Canadian account, but if you’re just starting out with learning French, much of the basic nouns and verbs she uses are the same as metropolitan French. She often posts images to go along with the vocab, so it’s easy to digest as you scroll by. 

2. Apprendre TV5 (@apprendreTV5)

From the TV channel, TV5, this account links to their small learning modules. While it is a language learning account, the subject matter is connected to current events more than your average learning French site, so you’ll pick up useful vocab. Each module is clearly labelled with the level in the tweet too. 

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3. Oui (@ouimenon)

A bit of existential dark humour? It doesn’t get more French! This is a great account for learning little witty turns of phrase you can add to your own conversations. Though you’d better start practicing a good disinterested look, as well. 

4. Le Monde (@lemondefr)

One of the biggest French newspapers, Le Monde is a good account to follow even early on in your language learning journey. Hit translate on the tweets when they come into your timeline to get real-world vocabulary updates. Things like ‘vaccinations’ and ‘refugee’ don’t always come up in language lessons, but knowing relevant words like this can make your life in France much easier. 

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5. Unofficial Académie française (@academie_francaise

This account posts various articles on the official Académie française website, though the account is run completely unofficially. The Académie is, of course, the ultimate arbiter of what is ‘official French’ or not. These articles are interesting, but might be a bit too challenging if you’re just starting out with French.

6. Marmiton (@marmiton_org)

Nothing will get me learning language faster than food, so following Marmiton should be a must-do no matter your language level. A lot of their recipes posted to Twitter include little videos, so you can put pictures to vocab quite quickly. A quick look this morning revealed a recipe for eggs baked with camembert – do you need to know more?!

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7. Ballet Opéra Paris (@balletOparis)

For some culture, check out the official Twitter feed of the Ballet Opéra Paris. They post many beautiful clips of performances, as well as some rehearsal footage and info about upcoming performances. The language is quite simple, but you’ll learn some good dance-specific words, as well as all sorts of phrases around attending performances. 

8. Films in French (@filmsinfrench)

I love these random language accounts – this one features screenshots from movies with the text in French on screen, and the translation in the Tweet. They seem to do a couple films at a time, with the language level ranging from very beginner to intermediate. It’s a nice French language moment in your Twitter timeline each day.

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