10 Best People to Follow on Twitter for Learning Spanish

10 Best People to Follow on Twitter for Learning Spanish

by Alison Maciejewski Cortez

Updated November 4, 2022

Back in the day, everyone learned Spanish the slow way: sitting in a classroom, following a teacher’s schedule. With the internet today, we have a new, dynamic way to learn Spanish quickly. First, we get to learn Spanish online with lessons at our convenience. Second, there are online resources to help us immerse ourselves in a new language. 

With smartphones in our pockets, we have tons of language resources that never existed before. We’ve looked into Spanish language podcasts and watching Spanish movies online before, but what about social media? Do any of the major social media platforms offer Spanish learning resources? Let’s look at some of my favourite people to follow on Twitter for learning Spanish. 

The benefits of Twitter for learning Spanish

Twitter is a microblogging social network. That means every post is just a few sentences long. Create a profile on your mobile phone and browse friends, strangers, and even celebrities to read what messages they post to the internet. The main benefits of Spanish language learning Twitter is:

  • Posts are short so read as much or as little as you like
  • No time commitment—you can check Twitter on your phone in 1 minute
  • You can share Twitter messages with study group friends
  • You can make Twitter a part of your immersion experience
  • The more you read, the faster you will learn Spanish

Who you should follow on Twitter for learning Spanish 

Some Twitter accounts are amateur comedians, some are linguists, and others are run by professional language learning companies. With a 280 character limit, Twitter language feeds pack a real punch. I don’t like heavy grammar lessons on social media. Twitter is for light reading and quick scrolling so these recommendations are all about funny jokes, fast news, and easy-to-read posts.

Here are 10 entertaining Twitter feeds for beginning Spanish speakers to follow:

1. SpanishDict


Run by a Spanish dictionary and translation website, this Twitter account tweets a word of the day. Then it uses the word in a sentence. Follow this account to grow your vocabulary. Easy peasy.

2. The Spanish Memes


This account posts memes in Spanish. These are funny images and gifs with Spanish-language text. See familiar memes and learn the ones that have gone viral in the Spanish-speaking world.

3. MemeWord


Similar to the Twitter account above, MemeWord always types out the text in the tweet. That means you can use the handy in-line ‘Translate Tweet’ feature to understand more easily.

4. BBC News Mundo


BBC News Mundo allows beginners to read headlines from BBC’s global news stories in Spanish. Intermediate and advanced Spanish speakers can click through for full-length articles.

5. Superholly


SuperHolly is a bilingual YouTuber from the U.S. that grew up in Mexico and became fluent as a child. She tweets content in English and Spanish on Mexican culture, lifestyle, and language learning. Follow her to learn bite-size sayings like this one for inspiration: GRACIAS, VIDA, POR UNA MADRUGADA MÁS or THANK YOU, LIFE, FOR ANOTHER DAY (DAWN).

6. Álex Riveiro


How big is the universe? Will we travel to the stars someday? What is a black hole? If you are into science, you are going to love this feed from Spanish astronomy enthusiast Álex Riveiro.

7. Harry Purvis


This account has recently been funny and insightful commentary about Harry’s life with her boyfriend during quarantine.

8. Petite Brunette


Another account from a Spaniard tweeting about her daily life. Lots of one-liners and irony.

9. Muy Interesante


From history to tech to gaming to music, this feed tweets stuff in Spanish that is…you guessed it…muy interesante very interesting.

10. People en Español


Bonus account:

All the celebrity gossip from Hollywood except 100% in Spanish. 

11. CNN en Español


CNN News in Spanish has global news headlines with a focus on the United States and Latin America. 

Don’t waste opportunities to learn throughout the day. When you grab your phone to pass the time, do some quick and entertaining learning. Get into a Spanish language Twitter feed that is fun to browse and soon you’ll be posting #SeHablaEspañol on your bio.

Who do you follow on Twitter for Spanish language content? Trade favourites with a native Spanish-speaking teacher by visiting our website and signing up for a free 7-day trial today!

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