Language resources for German learners

Young woman explaining about her hobbies in German

May 06, 2024

How to talk about your hobbies in German

If you’re starting your adventure with the German language, diving into conversations about your hobbies can be a fantastic icebreaker....

two young women unpacking plates after renting an apartment in Germany

Apr 23, 2024

How to rent an apartment in Germany

Finding the right apartment in Germany can seem daunting, especially for expats and international students unfamiliar with the local norms....

Young happy girl just received a compliment in German

Apr 18, 2024

Say it right: How to compliment someone in German

A well-timed compliment can put a smile on someone’s face, but context matters — especially when you’re attempting to give...

Two young woman sitting on a couch and chatting about the differences between Swiss German and Standard German

Mar 06, 2024

4 differences between Swiss German and Standard German

Would you be able to understand Swiss German as a German speaker? In most cases, the answer is no. But...

A couple saying goodbye in Swiss German at a train station

Mar 06, 2024

7 ways to say goodbye in Swiss German

When you’re starting to learn Swiss German, one of the first things you probably want to know is how to...

Young man learning verbs with accusative in German

Jan 29, 2024

The 20 most common verbs with accusative in German

Many languages, including English, don’t feature a distinction between the accusative and dative case. But German is an exception, and...

Young man learning how to use legen and liegen

Jan 23, 2024

Understanding ‘legen’ and ‘liegen’: Mastering German verbs

Navigating the difference between legen and liegen can be a difficult task for German learners. These verbs often lead to...

A young woman learning a list of German dative verbs

Jan 18, 2024

A list of the 15 most common German dative verbs you need to know

Distinguishing between dative verbs and accusative verbs is one of the more advanced challenges facing German language learners. Why? Because...

Young African woman looking at her watching learning the times of day in German

Dec 11, 2023

Mastering the times of the day in German

Throughout a typical 24-hour cycle in Germany, you will find consistent cause to refer to different times of the day...

Young woman learning how to use the nominative case in German

Dec 07, 2023

How to use the nominative case in German

While not every language uses multiple grammatical cases, German has an astonishing four of them. These cases exist not to...

Young student learning the infinitive with zu in German

Dec 07, 2023

Mastering the infinitive with ‘zu’ in German

The zu infinitive clause in German is a dependent infinitive clause with no explicit subject and no conjugated verb. This...

Young man learning German adverbs

Dec 05, 2023

The most common types of German adverbs

How did it happen? When did it happen, and where? These questions may sound like they’re part of an emergency...