Language resources for Italian learners


Apr 11, 2024

Sorry in Italian: How to apologize in 29 different ways

Everyone — yes, even Italians — can make mistakes that may warrant an apology. Fortunately, the Italian language has no...


Apr 11, 2024

Coffee in Italy: History, types and how to order

You can’t fully understand the Bel Paese without first wrapping your head around the tradition of coffee in Italy. Imagine:...


Apr 10, 2024

La famiglia: How to talk about family in Italian

La famiglia (the family) is an integral and intricate part of Italian culture. Sure, it may at times be portrayed...


Apr 05, 2024

‘A tavola!’ 102 words about food in Italian

Italians say “l’appetito vien mangiando” (the appetite comes with eating) and we surely hope to stimulate your appetite for learning...


Mar 25, 2024

How to say the months of the year in Italian

Carnival, the Festa della Repubblica (Day of the Republic), Ferragosto and la vendemmia (harvest season) are all important events on...


Mar 18, 2024

How to say ‘I like’ in Italian

What do Italians say when they like something? Well, there’s quite a range of options available. First and foremost, in...


Mar 07, 2024

Italian present tense made easy: A comprehensive guide

If there’s something Italian is known for, it’s the rich variety of verb tenses. Before you get ahead of yourself...

Leah sharing her story as successful sprinter

Sep 17, 2021

Why take the Lingoda Sprint? Find out in this interview with a successful sprinter

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