99 Spanish house vocabulary words

99 Spanish house vocabulary words

by Alison Maciejewski Cortez

Updated October 31, 2023

For any Spanish-language learner, mastering basic Spanish house vocabulary is a must. Whether you’re renting a vacation home or looking to move to a Spanish-speaking country, you’ll need to learn a few words to find your way around your new home. In fact, looking for a place to stay is probably one of the first things you’ll do upon arrival. Do you want a house? An apartment? A whole hacienda (ranch house) to yourself? 

Even if you’ve learned the different types of houses in Spanish, you’ll still need some vocabulary to talk about the furniture and rooms inside — not to mention rental contracts and other details. This list of Spanish house vocabulary will give you a solid start.

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Types of homes in Spanish

The first house vocabulary words in Spanish you’ll need to learn are the different types of homes.

1. casahouse
2. apartamentoapartment
3. chaleta large house, typically in the country
4. estudio/loftone-room studio
5. casa adosadaattached house
6. piso compartidoshared apartment
7. haciendalarge ranch house
8. palaciopalace
9. villalarge house in the countryside or on the beach, typically with a yard or patio
10. cabañacabin


Of all the rooms in a typical house, the kitchen is the most important. Why? It’s where the food is! It’s also the focal point of socializing and family gatherings.

11. cocinakitchen
12. comedordining room
13. sillachair
14. mesatable
15. barra de cocina
16. encimera de cocina
17. mesón de cocina
kitchen counter
(Note: there isn’t a single word for this kitchen feature in Latin America. Various different words are used.)
18. lavavajillasdishwasher
19. hornooven
20. estufastove
21. parillagrill, stovetop
22. refrigerador/nevera/heladerarefrigerator


The word for “bedroom” in Spanish can vary. You may hear habitación, cuarto or dormitorio.

23. habitaciónroom or bedroom
24. cuartoroom or bedroom
25. dormitoriobedroom
26. sala de invitados
27. sala de huéspedes
guest room
28. camabed
29. armario
30. guardarropa
40. colchónmattress
41. clósetcloset
42. buró/mesa de luzbedside table

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Spanish house vocabulary regarding the bathroom can change from country to country. Check the website of a large, local retail store to learn the local names for home and construction parts.

43. bañobathroom
44. cuarto de bañobathroom
45. inodorotoilet
46. lavabobathroom sink
47. espejomirror
48. ducha
49. regadera (Mexico)

Living room 

Here’s the Spanish house vocabulary for the living room.

50. sala de estarliving room
51. salónliving room
52. sofá/sillónsofa/couch
53. cortinascurtains
54. persianasblinds
55. mesa de centro
56. mesa de café
coffee table

Home office 

In Mexico, it’s common for people to simply use the English phrase “home office.”

57. oficina en casahome office
58. escritoriodesk
59. librero
60. estante de libros
61. enchufe
62. toma de corriente
electrical outlet

Other spaces inside the house

We round out our list of Spanish house vocabulary with other details and words not specific to any room.

63. pasillohallway
64. ventanawindow
65. ascensor
66. elevador
67. puertadoor
68. escalerastair
69. sótanobasement
70. estacionamientoparking area/garage

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Outside the house

There’s plenty of Spanish house vocabulary for the areas surrounding the home.

71. balcón/terrazabalcony
72. piscina
73. alberca (Mexico)
swimming pool
74. jardíngarden
75. rejagate
76. techoroof
77. paredwall
78. suelofloor or ground

Spanish house vocabulary: Verbs and adjectives 

Now that you know all the key parts of the house in Spanish, here are some verbs and adjectives to help you talk about a home.

79. mudarseto move house
80. la mudanzamoving
81. cambiarse de casato move house
82. luminoso/iluminadofull of light
83. luz naturalnatural light
84. oscurodark
85. limpioclean
86. suciodirty
87. ordenadotidy
88. cómodocomfortable
89. segurosafe
90. alquilar
91. rentar (Mexico)
to rent
92. alquiler
93. renta
the rent
94. venderto sell
95. amuebladofurnished
96. antiguoold
97. nuevonew
98. bien comunicado well-connected (location)
99. renovarto renovate

Feel more at home with Spanish

There are a lot of things in and around your house, so there’s a fair amount of Spanish house vocabulary to learn. Whether you’re renting, buying, renovating or just on vacation, these words can help you find your way around your next home. You’ll also know the words for all the things that make your home feel cómodo — from a nice regadera to a luxurious lavavajillas.

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Alison Maciejewski Cortez

Alison Maciejewski Cortez is Chilean-American, born and raised in California. She studied abroad in Spain, has lived in multiple countries, and now calls Mexico home. She believes that learning how to order a beer in a new language reveals a lot about local culture. Alison speaks English, Spanish, and Thai fluently and studies Turkish. Her consulting business takes her around the world and she is excited to share language tips as part of the Lingoda team. Follow her culinary and cultural experiences on Twitter.

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