Top 50 adjectives in English you need to know!

Top 50 adjectives in English you need to know!

by Andrea Byaruhanga

Updated May 17, 2023

Want a more descriptive English vocabulary? Adjectives are what you need! 

By using some of these illustrative words, you’ll communicate more clearly and precisely. 

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. Starting with the basics will take you a long way. 

Read on as we go through 50 of the most-used adjectives in English so you can build some detail into your vocabulary!

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Top 50 adjectives in English

1. AbleHaving what is required (e.g., money or skills) to do something 
When I was young, I was able to stand on my head.
2. AngryBeing very annoyed or upset
If I’m late for class again, the teacher is going to be angry.
3. BadUnpleasant; causing problems
I don’t recommend that new restaurant. The food is really bad
4. BestSuperior to all others
Spring is the best season because the days get longer and warmer.
5. BetterSuperior to someone or something else
He’s a very good dancer but she’s even better!

Recovered after an illness or injury
I heard you were sick last week. I hope you’re feeling better now.
6. BigLarge in size
I’m not hungry for dinner yet – I had a big lunch.
7. BusyOccupied with activities or work
We haven’t seen each other in weeks! We’ve both been so busy.

Full of people 
Let’s get to the beach before it gets too busy so we get a good parking spot. 
8. ClearVery obvious
We should cancel the party. It’s clear the weather will be terrible that day. 
9. DifferentNot the same
We have pizza every week – let’s try something different tonight!
10. EarlyBefore the expected time 
Your work shift doesn’t start for another hour. Why are you here so early?

At or near the beginning of a period of time
My mother likes to wake up early in the morning to see the sun rising. 
11. EasyNot difficult
Don’t worry about the exam; you’ve studied a lot. It’ll be easy for you!
12. ExcellentExtremely good
That movie was excellent! I’m going to watch it again.
13. FreeNot costing money
My city has lots of free outdoor events in the summer.

We’d love to see you – are you free for lunch tomorrow?
14. FullWhole
We have one more full day to explore London before flying home tomorrow. 

Containing as much as possible with no empty space
Can you please empty the compost bin? It’s full
15. GoodPleasant; causing no problems
My parents had an easy time raising me. I was a good kid!
16. GreatBetter than good; of a very high quality 
I scheduled a visit with that dentist downtown. I hear she’s great
17. HardDifficult
I’m not a very good cook. I find it hard to follow a recipe.

Solid; not soft
I love everything about camping – except sleeping on the hard ground!
18. HighBeing a great distance from the bottom 
Look at the view from up here! We’re so high above the city. 
19. HugeExtremely big
Canada is a huge country with quite a small population. 
20. ImportantVery meaningful, valuable or powerful
Bees are a very important part of the ecosystem. 
21. InternationalInvolving two or more countries
You have to be at the airport three hours before an international flight.
22. LateBefore the expected time
Sorry I’m late! There was so much traffic on the way here. 

Happening at or near the end of a period of time
Don’t stay up too late or you’ll be tired in the morning. 
23. LittleSmall in size or amount
I’m sorry, but you’re not qualified for this job. You have too little experience.
24. LocalRelating to a specific area such as a neighbourhood or city
My favourite part of travelling to a new place is meeting the local people. 
25. LongMeasuring a great distance from one end to the other
You need to get your hair cut – it’s getting too long!

Continuing for a great amount of time 
Do we have enough snacks in the car? This is going to be a long drive. 
26. LowNot rising a great distance
I can’t get up from your sofa – it’s too low!
27. LoudMaking a lot of noise
I always wear earplugs to concerts because they’re so loud.
28. MajorVery important, serious or big
Moving from a big city to a small town was a major life change for me.
29. NationalInvolving an entire country
Our team is playing in the national basketball championships this year!
30. NewRecently created, bought or rented
I’m so excited! My sister has a new baby!
31. OldHaving existed for a long time
I’m glad they’re finally replacing the old library – that building isn’t safe. 
32. OnlyAlone in a category; having no others like it
When my mom started working, she was the only female engineer in her company.
33. OpenNot closed; able to be entered
Let’s get some coffee. I know a restaurant that’s open all night.
34. OtherReferring to a thing or person that’s different from the one that’s already known or mentioned
Do you have any other wine? This kind is too sweet for me.
35. PersonalBelonging to or affecting a particular person
Don’t get mad! I was just sharing my personal opinion. 
36. PoliticalRelating to government or politics
I always try to avoid political discussions at family dinners.
37. PossibleAble to happen, be done or exist
It’s possible that there’s life on other planets.
38. PublicRelating to most of the people in a city, country, etc.
The mayor said the new policies would increase public safety.
39. RealNot fake or artificial
Is that a real Louis Vuitton bag? How much did it cost?
40. RecentHaving happened or started not long ago
They’ve made some recent changes at work and everyone is much happier.
41. RightSocially or morally correct
You need to return the money you found. It’s the right thing to do.

Accurate; in agreement with the truth
Can you help me with this math problem? I can’t get the right answer.
42. SmallLittle in amount or size
All I need is a small cup of coffee to wake me up in the morning.
43. SocialHappy to talk to and be around people
My sister is much more social than me. I prefer to stay home and read.
Relating to people or society
I think poverty is one of the biggest social issues we face.
44. SpecialDifferent from what is normal (often in a good way)
I’d like to get her a special gift to celebrate her graduation. 
45. StrongMentally or physically powerful
I can’t believe you lifted that table by yourself – you’re so strong!
46. SureNot having any doubt; certain
Are you sure you locked the door when we left?  
47. TrueIn agreement with facts
Is it true that you’ve never owned a television?
48. WeirdStrange or unusual
Some people call me weird, but I think that’s better than being boring!
49. WholeComplete; all of the parts
Did you eat the whole pizza? That was for everyone!
50. YoungIn an early stage of life
You don’t need to choose a career yet. You’re still young.

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