Andrea Byaruhanga

Andrea is a Canadian freelance writer and editor specializing in English, e-learning, EdTech, and SaaS. She has a background as an ESL teacher in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. In her free time, Andrea loves hanging out with her husband and children, creating recipes in the kitchen, and reading fiction. She also loves camping and jumping into lakes whenever possible. Learn more about Andrea on LinkedIn or check out her website.

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Young woman learning common gestures around the world

Jan 30, 2023

18 common gestures around the world

Have you ever thought about how much communication is non-verbal? From body language to tone of voice, the way we...

Young woman in New York wonderng what ae the differences between East coast vs West coast

Jan 23, 2023

East Coast vs. West Coast: What are the differences?

The United States spans nearly 2,800 miles from one side to the other. In a country so large, there are...

Young woman checking how many countries speak Spanish

Jan 23, 2023

How many countries speak Spanish?

Did you know Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world? That’s great news for Spanish...

Student learning if we can use according to me in a sentence

Jan 23, 2023

Is it okay to use “according to me” in a sentence?

What do you think about the following statement? “According to me, salmon sashimi is the most delicious food in the...

Woman with friends having dinner, celebrating her language wins

Dec 27, 2022

Make 2023 your year of language wins with Lingoda

As one year is wrapping up and a new year is about to begin, you might be taking stock of...

Friends talking about American words british people don't understand

Nov 29, 2022

8 American words British people don’t understand

When you’re learning a language, there’s a lot of potential for miscommunication and misunderstandings. After all, every language has specific...

Girl with her car, talking with 90s slang words

Nov 24, 2022

90s slang words: 11 expressions you should know

The 90s was a pretty memorable time. Dial-up internet was making its way into many homes, Doc Martens were on...

Woman wondering what is the best time to learn a language

Nov 24, 2022

The best time to learn a language

If you’ve been interested in languages for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard that the best time to learn...

Young man learning as vs. because vs. since

Nov 21, 2022

As vs. because vs. since: When to use them

As vs. because vs. since: They’re all part of a group of words called causal conjunctions. Their job is to...

Woman learning how to change her accent

Nov 18, 2022

Can you change your accent?

Can you change your accent to sound like a native English speaker? That’s a big question among English learners. There’s...

Friends looking at how language was created

Nov 10, 2022

How language was created: 7 fascinating theories

Have you ever wondered how language was created?  Human language has been around for roughly 150,000 to 200,000 years, and...

Young woman thinking about inspirational words in other languages

Nov 10, 2022

12 inspirational words in other languages

There’s no question that English is a language full of useful expressions, interesting idioms and fun slang words.    But there...