The best international jobs

The best international jobs

by Andrea Byaruhanga

Updated November 7, 2022

Are you thinking about working in another country? With everything that’s happened over the past year, thanks to COVID-19, we can’t blame you! Many of us are sick of being stuck at home – we’re dreaming of hopping on a plane and getting as far away as possible. 

It’s time for a change!

Luckily, the world is slowly starting to open up again, and so are international job opportunities. 

In this post, we’re going to look at the best international jobs so you can plan your next career move!

Teaching English

A popular way to get a job overseas is by becoming an English teacher. There are plenty of jobs available for qualified teachers (usually with TEFL certification).

Where to get a job as an English teacher

There’s a variety of countries for English teachers to choose from, but the ones that offer the highest pay are:

  • China
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Gulf Arab states (e.g., Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates)  

You can find international jobs on websites like this one. Contracts often include housing, airfare and even bonuses, which makes it easy to save a big portion of your earnings. If you want to teach for Lingoda, you can find out more here.

Tourism and hospitality jobs

If you’re interested in working in the tourism and hospitality industry but lack some experience, you’re in luck! There are a lot of jobs available in this industry that don’t require a lot of experience. For example, you might find a job working on a cruise ship in a gift shop or as a junior assistant cruise director. There are also a lot of opportunities in hotels, such as a front desk agent, fitness attendant, dishwasher or bartender.

Of course, if you’re more experienced, there are jobs for you, too. Hotel managers, concierges, caterers and event planners, to name just a few, can all find international opportunities as well.

Where to get a job

Because so many countries have economies that depend on tourism, there are lots of places to choose from. To get started, try to focus your job search on countries with high numbers of tourists, such as:  

  • Mexico – 41.4 million visitors per year
  • The United States – 79.6 million visitors per year
  • Spain – 82.7 million visitors per year
  • France – 89.4 million visitors per year

If you’re not sure where you want to go (or even the job you want), check out job boards like this one to narrow down your options.

How to find English speaking jobs in Germany

Healthcare sector

Maybe you’re a healthcare professional who’s looking for a change of scenery. Maybe you’d like to go where your skills are needed most. From doctors, nurses and midwives to pharmacists and lab technicians, there are opportunities available!

Where to get a job 

Several countries are experiencing a shortage of medical professionals, which means more opportunities for skilled people who are willing to relocate. 

At the top of this list are:

  • The UK
  • Israel
  • New Zealand
  • Ireland
  • Norway

For healthcare workers looking for a change, looking overseas might be the way to go. There are several industry-specific job boards available – here are just a few

Engineering opprtunities

If you’re an engineer, there’s a good chance you’re in demand in many countries! There are a lot of global engineering niches that just don’t have enough workers. Depending on your expertise, you could find yourself travelling all over the world. 

Where to get a job 

Some of the best countries in which to find an engineering job include: 

  • Canada – petroleum, chemical or civil engineering 
  • India – biomedical, computer or aerospace engineering
  • France – mechanical engineering

Tech careers

Are you a software engineer, IT manager or data scientist? Whatever your position, there are international jobs available as technology continues to grow and expand around the world. 

Where to get a job

You might be surprised by a few of the international locations where tech is booming right now. Just a few of the best cities for tech professionals to find work are:

With so many tech opportunities available globally, where you end up working may come down to factors such as the job benefits you’re looking for, the company size you’d prefer and the lifestyle you want!

Get picked for the best international jobs

Whether you’re looking for an IT job in a growing tech hub or an entry-level position on a popular ski hill, you need to show employers you’re right for the job. And one of the skill sets that you’ll need for any job is the ability to express yourself clearly and accurately.

Before you start an international job search, try out a free 7-day trial with Lingoda to see how you can gain the real-life language skills you’ll need to be successful in a career abroad!

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