How to find English speaking jobs in Germany

How to find English speaking jobs in Germany

by Ciara Gillan

Updated November 8, 2022

Moving to Germany can be a little daunting if you don’t speak the language. Thankfully Berlin is quite a cosmopolitan city with many companies choosing English as their working language due to the large number of international people living here. But what if you’ve decided to move to Munich or Dresden? It can be a little tricky trying to find an English speaking job in a German speaking city. So we’ve gathered five great resources to help you with your search. 

Five good resources to find an English speaking job.

It can be a bit of a needle in a haystack, but once you find the right platforms and set the correct filters, finding an English speaking job will become a lot easier. 

1. LinkedIn

Everyone should have a LinkedIn profile. You may do all your networking on Facebook, but having an up to date LinkedIn profile is essential for any job search. Firstly, most companies will post their jobs on LinkedIn. Secondly, a lot of employers will try and connect with you on LinkedIn and have a look at your career history so it’s worth setting up a page. 

LinkedIn is a fantastic resource because among the many things it does, it has a dedicated jobs section. You can use it to filter for jobs in your area of expertise. You can set up alerts in areas that you might like to work in. And of course you can set the location too so that you’re only receiving notifications about jobs in Germany. 

Unfortunately it doesn’t filter out the German speaking jobs, but you can keep an eye on the companies you’d like to work with in Germany and even follow their pages for updates. Companies often post notices about their new jobs on their pages as well. 

2. Indeed

This is another handy website. Not only can you filter for jobs in Germany based on your areas of expertise but this search engine merges jobs adverts from both company websites and career sites. Saving you a lot of the hassle having to search through individuals sites yourself. 

The filter goes even deeper than that. You can select particular words to include in your job search, widen and refine your physical search area and put in your salary expectations. You can even review and compare the salaries for your role in Germany (and other countries). You can also browse companies to see who’s currently hiring. And, like a lot of sites, you can set up alerts for when a new job is posted. 

One thing to note, although you should go to the German version of the site to search for jobs in Germany, you can use the Google translate option to set the language of the site back to English. Very handy, when your German just isn’t up to scratch yet. 

3. Berlin Startup Jobs

Another great resource is Berlin Startup Jobs. On this website, you can browse jobs in marketing, IT, UX and design, product management and much more. You can even set alerts to receive emails about new jobs as and when they are posted. It also has a guide on moving to Berlin, with information about German work permits, internships, tax requirements etc. 

4. Facebook

Facebook is a really great resource for finding English speaking jobs in Germany. There are several dedicated groups for just that, such as English speaking jobs in Berlin, Germany, English speaking jobs in Germany,  English speaking jobs in Munich, Frankfurt English and International Jobs. Just search your location and “English speaking jobs” and there is bound to be a group dedicated to this. 

It’s also worth broadening your search as sometimes English speaking jobs pop up in groups like Jobs Germany, Berlin Startup Jobs. Despite their English names, the jobs posted within these groups are a mix of English and German. 

But do watch out, as sometimes FB translates a post without you knowing it. As your settings are in English, it appears on the page in English, making you think the job is an English speaking one. You can usually tell because there is a line on the left hand side of the post and it will give you the option to convert the post back to its original language. 

If you’re a freelancer, another great way to find English speaking jobs are to join groups that relate to your area of interest or groups such as Freelancing Womxn Berlin, Berlin Expats , Expats ladies in Berlin. Obviously these are all Berlin based, however, most cities have equivalent groups for freelancers and expats. 

Twitter is also a good resource for English speaking job searching. Using individual tags such as  #english #jobs #the-city-you’re-living-in will bring up a host of results. Be sure to click on “latest” to see the most recent results.

5. WOHOLO – find your perfect job from a newsletter

This feels like a little known resource in Berlin. WOHOLO, which stands for Work, Home, Love is a resource with three strands. One for job alerts, one for housing alerts and one for events and courses. While it is in German, there are more often than not some jobs advertised in English. Also the jobs are broken down into categories such as permanent, freelancer, mini-job, internship etc. The newsletter comes once a week and you can alter it for Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Dusseldorf and Munich. 

If you’re looking to move to Germany, start learning the language! The better your German is, the more chances you have to secure a job (even if the office is English speaking), not to mention making everyday life much easier. Visit our website and claim your free 7-day trial with our native speaking teachers today.

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