The rooms of the house in German: A quick guide

The rooms of the house in German: A quick guide

by Sandra Köktaş

Updated July 21, 2023

Learning the names for the rooms of the house in German can help you out in many everyday situations. Imagine being at your friend’s house and not knowing how to ask for the bathroom! Fret not — we’ve put together a list of the most important German words to describe rooms of the home and the items you might find in them. 

Maybe you won’t be asking where to find the Keller (basement) very often. But you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to practice your vocabulary, whether you’re cooking and eating in the Küche (kitchen) or watching a movie in the Wohnzimmer (living room). On that note, let’s go on a tour of the home in German!

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Die Küche (the kitchen)

If close friends invite you over, you will probably end up cooking in the kitchen (in der Küche). The German idea of a relaxed evening involves slow food, some drinks and the coziness of the kitchen. Cooking together has become somewhat of a German tradition, which you’ll be able to participate in after learning these words:

die Küchethe kitchen
der Tischthe table
der Stuhlthe chair
das Messerthe knife
die Gabelthe fork
der Löffelthe spoon
das Schneidebrettthe chopping board
die Spülethe sink
die Spülmaschinethe dishwasher

Das Badezimmer (the bathroom)

Probably the most important vocabulary you’ll ever learn in German is this one sentence: “Wo ist das Badezimmer?” (You might also ask, “Wo ist die Toilette?”) Other useful words related to the bathroom include:

das Badezimmerthe bathroom
die Toilettethe toilet
die Duschethe shower
die Badewannethe bathtub
das Waschbeckenthe bathroom sink
die Seifethe soap
das Handtuchthe towel
das Toilettenpapierthe toilet paper

Das Wohnzimmer (the living room)

The living room (das Wohnzimmer in German) is where family members spend most of their evenings, probably watching TV. It’s the heart of every home, and it’s typically described using the following German words:

das Wohnzimmerthe living room
das Sofa/die Couchthe sofa/couch
der Couchtischthe coffee table
der Fernseherthe television set

Das Esszimmer (the dining room)

The dining room in most houses is connected to the living room. Some families eat there every evening, while others prefer the kitchen and use the Esszimmer only on special occasions such as Christmas. There are usually just a few items in this room:

das Esszimmerthe dining room
der Esstischthe dining table
die Stühle (der Stuhl)the chairs (the chair)
die Anrichte (das Sideboard)the sideboard

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Das Schlafzimmer (the bedroom)

The German word for bedroom (das Schlafzimmer) is derived from what you are supposed to do there — sleep. The furniture in this room is usually limited to these items:

das Bettthe bed
der Kleiderschrankthe wardrobe
der Nachttischthe bedside table
die Nachttischlampethe bedside lamp

Das Kinderzimmer (the kid’s room)

The kid’s room in German houses is usually the room where the little ones sleep and play. Very few houses have a separate playroom, so there tend to be a lot of toys and books in the Kinderzimmer:

das Kinderzimmerthe kid’s room
das Spielzimmerthe playroom
das Kinderbettthe crib
der Wickeltischthe changing table
die Spielzeugkistethe toy box

Das Arbeitszimmer (the study)/das Gästezimmer (the guest room)

Living with a German family for some days is a great learning opportunity. Just make sure you know all the do’s and don’ts to avoid a major faux pas. And don’t be surprised if the guest room looks like you are meant to study during your stay. Often, the study doubles as a guest room. Some furniture you will find in the Arbeitszimmer or Gästezimmer include:

das Arbeitszimmerthe study
das Gästezimmerthe guest room
das Schlafsofathe sofa bed
der Schreibtischthe desk
der Schreibtischstuhlthe desk chair
das Bücherregalthe bookshelf

Other parts of the house

die Eingangshallethe entryway
der Flurthe hall
der Balkonthe balcony
die Terrassethe terrace
der Gartenthe backyard
der Vorgartenthe front yard
die Garagethe garage
der Kellerthe basement
der Dachboden/der Speicherthe attic

Note: The basement (der Keller) is where you will mostly find the laundry room (der Waschraum). In older apartment buildings, the basement is often an unfinished, dark and dusty place with little stalls for people to lock away their excess stuff. 

Living room in German and other useful words around the house

Whether you need the bathroom, are looking for the way to the Küche (kitchen in German) or ask the agent for a tour from the Schlafzimmer (bedroom in German) to the Keller (basement): Learning the rooms of the house in German will help you get started. For more useful vocabulary, begin your German journey with Lingoda.

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