8 Valentine’s Day gifts to boost your loved one’s language learning skills

8 Valentine’s Day gifts to boost your loved one’s language learning skills

by Adriana Stein

Updated December 12, 2022

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! While giving your loved one flowers and chocolates is an easy way to celebrate the day, I think giving something more custom and personal will earn you a lot more brownie points – not to mention last long into the future! You might think language learners aren’t easy to buy for, but it’s really not the case!

If learning a new language is your significant other’s New Year’s resolution, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your support and encourage them in their journey. Instead of spending your money on flowers that will wilt and die, give them something they could use to improve their language skills – or at least make the journey fun and worthwhile. And every time they study, they’ll be reminded of you. There’s nothing not to love when it comes to language learning!  

8 Valentine’s Day gifts that are perfect for language learners

In order to help you show your loved one how much you support their language learning journey, here are 8 gift ideas that will make their learning process fun and enjoyable. 

1. Lingoda Language Sprint

Help your significant other learn a new language just 3 months with the Lingoda Language Sprint. With high intensity classes taught by native-level teachers in small online classes, expertly designed curriculums, and a focus on real conversations and practical language applications, your loved one will be speaking a new language in no time. Plus, they can learn anytime, anywhere by booking online classes when they need and on the topics they find the most interesting.

2. Thinking in French Moleskine Notebook

French is the language of love and this Thinking in French Moleskine Notebook is both romantic and relatable. It perfectly captures one of my favourite moments when learning a language – finally being able to think coherently in a foreign language, even if I have to fill it in with an English phrase or two (all language learners can certainly relate here!). 

If you think your loved one doesn’t need yet another notebook, let me tell you – you can never have too many notebooks when you’re learning a new language like French. And now they even have a place where they can jot down French love notes to you,too. 

3. Fluent Forever: How to Learn Any Language Fast and Never Forget It

Help your significant other hack language-learning with Gabriel Wyner’s “Fluent Forever” book With practical tips and tested strategies, this will help any aspiring language learner make sense of grammar rules, learn and retain new words faster, as well as become conversational in an effortless and stress-free manner. Besides, learning a language should be fun anyways!

4. Daily Phrase and Culture Calendar

Just like any skill, learning a new language takes daily practise to continuously improve your vocabulary. Help your loved one turn language learning into a fun and easy daily habit with this Daily Phrase and Culture Calendar.

With new words and phrases to learn every day, pronunciation guides, and culture and context notes, this calendar will help your loved one not only learn a new language but gain fresh perspectives.

5. Lost in Translation: An Illustrated Compendium of Untranslatable Words from Around the World

One of my favourite things about learning a new language is discovering a word that so perfectly describes an emotion or a concept that simply doesn’t exist in my native language. Learning untranslatable words is certainly a great way to expand your mind and see the world in a whole new light.

Get your loved one this book on untranslatable words from around the world and have fun describing new feelings and experiences in foreign words that perfectly capture the moment.

6. Kindle Paperwhite

Want to hear “je t’aime”, “te quiero”, and “ich liebe dich” all in one breath? Give your loved one a Kindle Paperwhite – the perfect gift for language learners and book lovers all over the world. 

To make it more special, personalised, and useful, download children’s books, dictionaries, and language learning guides so they can put their Kindle to work as soon as they unwrap it.

7. Language Visual Dictionary

If your loved one is an aspiring polyglot, give them this 5 Language Visual Dictionary for Valentine’s Day. It’s everything they need to learn English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian quickly and confidently.

It’s designed to make business and leisure travellers confident in ordering food, buying tickets, and exploring a foreign country. Who knows? Maybe next Valentine’s Day your gift will be a Euro trip! At least you plant the seed by giving them this gift!

8. Scratch the World Travel Map

The best reason to learn a new language? Travelling and exploring a foreign country with ease!

This Scratch the World Travel Map will fill every language learner with wanderlust – and the motivation to learn a new language quickly so they can plan that trip and enjoy the sights, the culture, and fun conversations with locals.

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