MBAs in Germany for English speakers: The best programs and how to apply

MBAs in Germany for English speakers: The best programs and how to apply

by Laura Jones

Updated May 31, 2023

Getting your MBA in Germany is an excellent choice if you’re an English speaker looking for a high-quality education in an international context. Germany boasts Europe’s largest economy and is the world’s third-largest export nation, so it’s a great place to study business. A German MBA will give you a global perspective and allow you to build an international network as part of a vibrant community of students. 

Read on as we explore the requirements for acceptance and highlight some of the best MBA programs available. We’ll also shed light on whether you can work during your studies and how much MBA programs in Germany cost.

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Acceptance into an MBA program in Germany

German universities offer a wide range of MBA programs, so there is no single set of requirements for admission. However, there are some key conditions candidates should meet. Most universities expect applicants to hold a bachelor’s degree and to have earned a competitive score on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). 

In addition, work experience is often required, as is a high level of proficiency in English. Yes, you can do an MBA in Germany in English! Even so, it’s strongly recommended to start learning German or at least have a basic grasp of the language before your MBA begins. Speaking German will help with networking opportunities and make it easier for you to navigate daily life in the country. 

Do you need a visa to study for an MBA in Germany? Yes, if you are not a citizen of the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area. All non-German citizens also need to apply for a residence permit. You can find detailed information on visa requirements from the German embassy or consulate in your home country.

The best MBA programs in Germany

Anyone wanting to study an MBA program in Germany won’t lack for choice. The country is home to many exceptional programs at renowned universities. Here are some of our top picks. 

1. Mannheim Business School

Ranked number one in Germany in the International MBA Rankings, Mannheim Business School offers several programs for students at different stages in their careers. The school maintains partnerships with over 100 companies and focuses on professional and personal growth in a diverse community. 

2. ESMT Berlin

If you want to study in the German capital, ESMT Berlin is a great choice. There is a range of courses on offer, all with a focus on leadership development and innovation in business. 

3. HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

HHL Leipzig is another world-renowned institution offering several MBAs, all of which emphasize improving essential soft skills for leadership and innovation. Their career development team also helps students to find a fulfilling career after the program. 

4. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Our final mention goes to the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, another institution providing a top-ranked MBA in Germany. Here, too, the career services team helps students find their strengths and passions throughout the course, and post-study employment statistics are impressive. 

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Work and MBA fees

All of the institutions we’ve mentioned, plus many more across Germany, offer part-time MBAs, which allow you to continue working while studying. Most international students in Germany are allowed to work part-time on a student visa — though you should always check regulations with your local embassy. (EU/EEA citizens have no restrictions on work.) Working while you study can help you expand your professional network and practice skills you’re learning in a real-life environment. Of course, it can also supplement your income

Speaking of money, how much does an MBA cost in Germany? Tuition-free MBAs are hard to find in Germany; it’s highly likely that you’ll need to pay. Fees vary widely, starting at around €10,000 per year and going up to almost €50,000 per year. To take two examples, Saarland University offers an MBA for €12,000 per year; an MBA at Mannheim Business School will set you back €42,000. Many universities offer scholarships, and you may find other organizations offering scholarships, too. 

Ready to do an MBA in Germany?

Doing an MBA in Germany offers an immersive experience for professionals with a global outlook. You may gain access to diverse career opportunities and exposure to a vibrant, international business environment. You can study at top universities like ESMT Berlin and HHL in Leipzig, and the flexible study options allow you to work alongside your MBA. Start your research now and get ready to take the next step forward in your career.

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