Laura Jones

Laura is a freelance writer and was an ESL teacher for eight years. She was born in the UK and has lived in Australia and Poland, where she writes blogs for Lingoda about everything from grammar to dating English speakers. She’s definitely better at the first one. She loves travelling and that’s the other major topic that she writes on. Laura likes pilates and cycling, but when she’s feeling lazy she can be found curled up watching Netflix. She’s currently learning Polish, and her battle with that mystifying language has given her huge empathy for anyone struggling to learn English. Find out more about her work in her portfolio.

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Apr 18, 2024

Erntedank: Everything you need to know about German Thanksgiving

When you think of Thanksgiving, images of turkey feasts, pumpkin pies and big family gatherings probably come to mind. But...


Apr 18, 2024

Reflexive pronouns and how to use them

Are you familiar with words like “myself” and “ourselves”? These are reflexive pronouns, which we use to reflect the action...


Apr 11, 2024

13 resources for English reading practice

Reading is a fundamental (and often free) aspect of learning a language. Not only can it increase your vocabulary, but...


Apr 11, 2024

38 ways to express your feelings in English

How are you feeling today? Are you happy or sad? Chances are, you’re experiencing something a bit more specific —...


Mar 26, 2024

54 French words used in the English language

We’ve written a lot of language guides here at Lingoda, but this one might be the crème de la crème....


Mar 26, 2024

27 interjections in English to make you sound like a native speaker

Do you want to learn about interjections in English? If your first thought is, “huh?”, you’re already on the right...


Mar 26, 2024

Plug sockets in Germany: What travel adapters do you need?

So, you’ve checked your passport to ensure it’s valid, exchanged some dollars for euros and even bought travel insurance. You’re...


Mar 25, 2024

Colors in English: How to describe different hues and shades

From the crisp blues of the morning sky to the reddish shades at sunset, from the bright yellows of the...

Sorbian men on the easter ride speaking the sorbian language

Nov 10, 2023

The Sorbian language: Where is it spoken?

The Sorbian language is part of the West Slavic group of languages. Comprising two major dialects, Upper Sorbian (hornjoserbšćina) and...

Frisian houses in Schleswig representing the Frisian language

Nov 03, 2023

An introduction to the Frisian language

The Frisian language is not one of the best-known in Europe. But Frisian is a fascinating language that’s spoken across...

A German American father and his daughter are hanging up an American flag at their house

Oct 27, 2023

German Americans: Their history, culture and traditions in the US

The United States is a melting pot of cultures and traditions. With a rich history dating back to the 17th...

Amish people on a horse carriage speaking Amish German

Oct 20, 2023

Do the Amish speak German? A guide to Pennsylvania Dutch

The Amish are famous for their simple way of living and deeply rooted traditions. Their distinctive dress and penchant for...