12 of the best German songs to get the party started

12 of the best German songs to get the party started

by Maria Inês Teixeira

Updated November 7, 2022

Ok. Now…hands up if you’ve ever had to tolerate jokes about German being a rude, unpleasant or aggressive language. We’re so done with that stereotype! Today we’re here to show that German is attractive, powerful, entertaining, cheerful, inviting and even revolutionary. Without a doubt, one of the best languages to have fun with…and to listen to. That’s why we proudly present you a list of the best German songs to party!

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What makes music in German so special?

Music in German is shameless, daring and unafraid to defy social norms, both with its lyrics and its visuals. Such a complex history made of wars, revolutions, migration and change means German musicians often address political issues and societal problems in their songs without a prudish mindset. Even party songs often mention serious topics.  Admittedly, it is also difficult to find songs by younger artists in Germany that do not need a censored version! The fact that Germany is such a multicultural center in Europe only makes the experience richer, as you can find an inspiring variety of genres and influences from around the world. A breath of fresh air!

12 Songs in German to get the party started!

1. “Warum” by 257ers

YouTube video

Literally: “Why”

Bombarded with information from morning to night, it is easy to get caught up in drama, horrifying news and a state of paranoia. German hip hop duo 257ers talk about this unsettling feeling that something terrible is always about to happen. Who would say that such a strong topic could give us such a vibrant song?

Fragment: “Hey Leute passt doch auf, ihr lebt in Gefahr / Ja vielleicht jetzt gerade nicht, aber sie war eben noch da / darum geh’ dein Weg, nein auch Gehen ist Gefahr / Die mischen Regen mit Glas und Kleber und Gas / Sieh, der Staat will uns vergiften / Jetzt vertrau mir wenn ich sag’ man kann nicht jedem vertrauen, / komm wir schließen uns ein und regen uns auf”

Translation: “Hey people, look out, your lives are in danger / Well, maybe not right at this moment, but it was there just a second ago / So you’d better get going, no, going is dangerous too. / They mix rain with glass and glue and gas, see, the state wants to poison us / Trust me when I tell you, you can’t trust everyone / Come on, let’s lock the door and get all worked up!”

2. “Was for ein Life” by LOT

YouTube video

Literally: “What for a life” (What a life)

Born in Berlin in 1984, Lot is an intriguing pop singer who is far from chasing after glamour and gold. Proof of this is that he is still signed to an independent label to this day (Department Musik) and has no intention of changing. You might be impressed to know his background was actually in classical music and that he is a talented pianist! As for “Was für ein Life”, it is included in this list due to its enigmatic, symbolic and critical lyrics that are made even stronger by the catchy beat. Since the song is somewhat repetitive, it is also a great chance to sing along!

Fragment: “Was für ein Life / Mit meiner Kavallerie / Frauen stehen am Fenster und staun’ / Was für ein Life / Nach unserer Zeremonie werden Denkmäler und Schulen gebaut / Die Polizei ist freundlich und spendiert uns ein Getränk / Der Bürgermeister freut sich, es wird nochmal nachgeschenkt / Was für ein Life”

Translation: “What a life / With my cavalry / Women stand at the window and marvel / What a life / After our ceremony monuments and schools are built / The police are friendly and pay us a drink / The mayor is pleased, it will once again be topped up / refilled / What a life”

3. “DYNAMIT” by Matz Wagemann

YouTube video

Literally: “Dynamite”

Matz Wagemann does not play around. As a teenager he was already touring Europe as a trombonist with jazz orchestras. Get your feet ready, because his songs mix jazz, hip hop and even latin sounds that’ll make it impossible for you to sit still! In “Dynamit”, the singer has come to realize how powerful he is and how he’s got what it takes to succeed. The perfect song to lift your mood and make you feel the way you were always meant to feel – like pure dynamite!

Fragment: “Die Steine im Weg hab ich gründlich gesprengt / Mit gebündeltem Zündstoff fürstlich versenkt / Der Nebel ist weg, die Trümmer verbrennen / Weil ich endlich erkenn…(boom) ich bin Dynamit / Ich hab alles was es braucht, baby / Dynamit! Ich bin Dynamit! Einfach Dynamit / Man ich mach mir den Weg frei!”

Translation: “I have thoroughly blown up the stones in the way / Submerged royally with bundled explosive / The fog is gone, the rubble is burning / Because I finally recognize … (boom) I’m dynamite! / I have everything it takes, baby / Dynamite! / I am dynamite! Simply dynamite / I pave the way”

4. “Traum” by CRO

YouTube video

Literally: “Dream”

If you enjoy going to the club regularly and decide to do so in Germany, expect to find Cro’s “Traum” some time! It is a famous hit by now, both because of its catchy beat and because of its cheerful topic. Cro, a German musician, producer and designer from Mutlangen famous for his panda mask, sings about the wonders of falling in love, wanting to see the world with your loved one and hoping they feel the same for you. A colourful theme to make us feel alive!

Fragment: “Und wenn du mich da draußen gerade hörst / Dann bitte warte kurz auf mich, / Ich bin direkt bereit und fahr los! / Doch wenn nicht, geh ich einsam ins Bett / Und hoff, dass ich gleich wieder penn, / Denn manchmal träum ich nur von dir / Bitte sag, was muss ich tun, / Dass du mich hörst”

Translation: “And if you hear me out there / Please wait for me for a second / I’m ready now and on my way to you / But if not, I go to bed lonely again / And hope for falling asleep / Because sometimes I dream of you / Please tell me, what do I have to do / For you to hear me”


YouTube video

Literally: “Come come.com”

If you’ve never met killer mushrooms, this is your chance. That’s the meaning of “Killerpilze”, a German pop rock band from Dillingen, Bavaria! Don’t be fooled by their young-looking faces: Killerpilze have been active since 2002, they have launched eight albums and are still making music nowadays, as they grow in front of their fanbase’s eyes. Their song “Komm Komm” invites you to run the streets of Berlin to celebrate youth, energy, courage and fun!

Fragment: “Wir verschwenden unsere Jugend / sonst schwindet uns die Zeit / Nur jetzt sind wir noch jung, / zu allen Schandtaten bereit / Vergessen wir das, was unsere Mütter sagen! / Machen wir das, was unsre Väter nie wagten! / Nichts nachmachen, nicht nachlassen, Spaß haben! / Das ist kein Leben, komm wir machen uns was vor!”

Translation: “We’re wasting our youth, otherwise time would slip away / Only now are we young enough / Ready for anything / We’ll forget what our mother’s tell us / We’ll do what our fathers never dared to / Copying nothing, not declining, having fun / That’s no life, come on, let’s do something”

6. “Usain Bolt” by Tessy

YouTube video

Literally: Usain Bolt is the name of a Jamaican sprinter and Olympic athlete who is considered by many to be the best of all time. He has since retired, but holds several world records!

Berliner singer and rapper Teesy is not about to let you criticize his dreams anymore! Regardless of what people say, he is living life as he wishes and keeps pursuing his goals. In “Usain Bolt”, he advises you to do the same in an upbeat, happy tune, which is perfect for a sunny day or a relaxing afternoon with friends. A useful message for a day in which you need motivation!

Fragment: “Uuh, du sagst meine Träume sind zu groß / Doch ich heb’ grad’ ab und hör’ dir nicht mehr zu / Dies ist mein Life und ich hab’ nicht mehr als eins / Also renn’ ich sowie Usain Bolt / Ich geh’ gold (Geh’ gold, Baby) / Ganz egal was du sagst und sie sagt / Solang’ ich noch ‘n bisschen Mut und ein Ziel hab’”

Translation: “Uuh, you say my dreams are too big / But I’m just canceling and I’m not listening anymore / This is my life and I don’t have more than one / So I’m running like Usain Bolt / I’m going gold (Go gold, baby) / No matter what you say and she says / If I still have a little courage and a goal”

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7. “Maschin” by Bilderbuch

YouTube video

Literally: “Machine”

Bilderbuch stand out from our list because they aren’t German…they’re Austrian! Yes, that’s right. The land of mountains also has a lot to offer musically. Bilderbuch’s songs and music videos are ironic, satirical…and very, very stylish! After all, why should great music exclude having a sense of humour? Although their hit “Bungalow” is very popular, you can also start with “Maschin” – a song about falling in love at first sight, with a luxurious feeling to go with it.

Fragment: “La la la lass mich nicht los! / Le le le leg dich zu mir! / Yeah / Ha ha ha halt mich fest! / Halt mich fest! / Maschin… / Steig jetzt in mein Auto, steig jetzt in mein Auto / Ein Sieben Türen, 70 PS, vorne geht der Wind zu sehr / Steig jetzt in mein Auto, steig jetzt in mein Auto ein / Siehst du die Tür, komm in mein Auto, steig in mein Auto ein”

Translation: “Do-do-do-don’t let me go / Lay lay lay lay down with me / Yeah

Ho-ho-ho-hold me tight, hold me tight / Machine… / Get into my car now, get into my car / Seven doors 70 HP, at the front, the wind’s too strong / Get into my car now, get into my car / See the door, come get into my car, get into my car”

8. “Ein bisschen kapiutt” by Dazzle

YouTube video

Literally: “All a little broken / slightly damaged”

There isn’t a doubt in this world – Dazzle makes the best German party music. His videos are controversial and sometimes even disturbing, but always intense and provocative. His song “Alle bisschen kaputt” is a clear commentary on consumer society (have you noticed the amount of mirrors in the music video?). What makes the song even more special is the genre he decided to use for the message: kuduro, which is both a music and dance style with its origins in 1980’s Angola. The result is a unique hit!

Fragment: “Ich glaub meine Leute sind alle bisschen kaputt / Und meine Freunde sind alle bisschen kaputt / Schuhe die ich trage sind alle bisschen kaputt / Meine Gedanken sind alle bisschen kaputt / Ich hab einige Pläne doch wenn ich ehrlich bin ist es besser wenn keiner davon wahr wird”

Translation: “I think my people are all a little broken / And my friends are all a little broken / Shoes I wear are all a little broken / My thoughts are all a little broken / I have some plans, but if I’m honest, it’s better if none of them comes true”

9. “Leichtes Gepäck” by Silbermond

YouTube video

Literally: “Lightweight Luggage”

Sometimes we get caught up in the cycle of wanting more, getting more and feeling unsatisfied all over again. That’s what Silbermond’s “Leichtes Gepäck” is about: letting go of possessions, unneeded trouble and understanding that life feels better when we let go of what we believe is important. In our opinion, this alternative rock band from Bautzen still has a lot to give…so keep an eye on them, they make some of the best songs in the German language!

Fragment: “Eines Tages fällt dir auf / dass du 99% nicht brauchst / Du nimmst all den Ballast / und schmeißt ihn weg / Denn es reist sich besser / mit leichtem Gepäck / Du siehst dich um in deinem Wohnung / Siehst ein Kabinett aus Sinnlosigkeiten / siehst das Ergebnis von Kaufen / und Kaufen von Dingen von denen man denkt / man würde sie irgendwann brauchen”

Translation: “One day you’ll realize / That you don’t need 99% / You take the extra weight and throw it away / Because it’s better to travel with lightweight luggage / You look around in your living space / You see a cabinet of absurdities / You see the result of purchases and purchases of things you think one might eventually need”

10. “Fühlt sich wie fliegen an” by Max Herre ft. CRO

YouTube video

Literally: “Feels like flying”

Directly from Stuttgart, German musician Max Herre joins forces with Cro and Clueso, who are also German artists, to tell us about how being in love can be simple, light on our shoulders and so joyful that it feels like flying. Listening to this tune, we can almost picture ourselves in a cool party, all well-dressed, enjoying a drink and having a good time!

Fragment: “Ich lass mich fallen / Ich fall in dich hinein / Es fühlt sich wie fliegen an / So leicht muss Liebe sein / So leicht muss Liebe sein / Uh Mädchen, sag nur ein Wort / Es kann ein ganz kleines sein / Nur eins, das vom Herzen kommt / Und ganz für mich allein”

Translation: “I let myself fall / I fall into you / It feels like flying / So light must love be / So light must love be / Oh girl, say just one word / It can be a very small one / One only, which comes from the heart / And is all for me”

11. “Dreh auf” by Marie Bothmer

YouTube video

Literally: “Turn it up”

Those who enjoy Drake’s slow, relaxing style are sure to like Marie Bothmer’s song “Dreh Auf”. The German pop singer from Munich is living and studying in Berlin, and like many others she can sometimes be overwhelmed by the urban lifestyle. When she feels numb, overwhelmed, stressed or in need of warmth, music is her refuge. Can you relate?

Fragment: “Bin eine von vielen / Im Winter geplagt in Berlin / Die sich nach Wärme sehnt / Nach Ablenkung und Zerstreuung von dem was sonst so passiert / Sonst wär’ ich nicht hier / Bin eine von vielen / Dreh weiter auf, ja, immer weiter, mach laut / Will es tief in mir drin fühlen, bis unter die Haut”

Translation: “I’m one of many / Plagued in winter in Berlin / who longs for warmth / After distraction and dispersion from whatever happens / Otherwise I would not be here / I’m one of many / Keep turning it up, yes, always up, make it loud / I want to feel it deep, until it’s under my skin”

12. “NA-MI-KA” by Namika

YouTube video

Literally: Once you listen to the lyrics, you will understand why Namika had to spell her name for you!

Namika, given name Hanan Hamdi, has earned her spot as a solid name in German pop and rap music. Born in Frankfurt, she is of Moroccan heritage and often mentions it in her songs. “Na-Mi-Ka” is a special song due to its creativity – the singer uses the syllables of her artistic name to talk about her personal story, her success and even common issues in Germany. The vibes are uplifting, provocative and fun!

Fragment: “Na-na-na-na-na-mi-mi-mi-ka / Mein Sound: elegant aber laut / Die Antwort darauf, was das Land gerade braucht / Mach laut, dreh die Anlage auf / Wann schafft’s mal ‘ne Frau? Hier die Antwort darauf / (…) Mitten in Deutschland, manchmal missverstanden als Migranten Mischling / und Integration misslingt, wenn im Blick an die Oma mit Kopftuch / Missgunst mitschwingt”

Translation: “Na-na-na-na-na-mi-mi-mi-ka / My sound: classy but loud / The answer to what this country needs right now / Make it louder, turn up the stereo /

“When will a woman be able to do it?” / Here’s the answer / (…) In the middle of Germany / Sometimes misunderstood as a migrant mixed-raced / And integration fails, when grandma wears the headscarf / Resentment resonates”

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Where can you go from here?

We advise you to create your very own German playlists (yes, plural!), as most music streaming platforms allow you to search for related artists and “You might like” sections. You can be creative with your playlists – divide them by music genre, by topic, by level of difficulty or mood!

And you? What are your favorite hits in German and what songs do you enjoy partying to? Let us know!

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