12 best songs for a wedding party in Germany

12 best songs for a wedding party in Germany

by Andrea Byaruhanga

Updated November 7, 2022

It’s pretty much impossible to plan a wedding without some kind of stress. You want everything to be perfect: the food, the ceremony, the guest list—and you can’t forget the wedding music.

The tunes you choose for your wedding will set the tone for the whole event, so every pick matters. And if you’re getting married in Germany, that means choosing the right German songs. 

Reduce your wedding planning stress by checking out our choices for the best songs for a wedding party in Germany.

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Make a memorable entrance

The song your wedding processional walks down the aisle to is a critical decision. After all, everyone will be looking your way as you stroll past, and you don’t want the wrong song to give off any weird vibes. 

Here are a few choices that will make your entrance memorable.

“Hochzeitsmarsch” by Felix Mendelssohn

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It’s practically impossible to think of a wedding without “Hochzeitsmarch” (“The Wedding March”) coming to mind, which is why it tops our list.

Hearing the first few organ notes of this classic wedding song instantly evokes images of a graceful bride gliding down the aisle.

“Canon in D Major” by Johann Pachelbel

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This isn’t a new or surprising choice for a wedding. It’s actually probably one of the most commonly chosen wedding songs ever. 

But there’s a reason for that. “Canon in D Major” by German composer Johann Pachelbel is simply a classy, beautiful song that radiates love, joy and serenity.

It’s also rumored that Pachelbel wrote Canon in D for Johann Sebastian Bach’s brother for his wedding—ah, that would explain the wedding connection!

“Prelude from Cello Suite No. 1” by Johann Sebastian Bach

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“Prelude from Cello Suite No. 1” is a very famous and beloved piece by German composer Bach. The tone is warm, bright, gentle and hopeful. 

And here’s a bonus: Because this is a timeless classic, you don’t have to worry about it seeming dated when you watch your wedding video later. 

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole

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If you’re not into classical music, consider something like this! It’s the only song on our list without a German connection, but it’s so good we had to include it. 

A twist on the classic Wizard of Oz song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole (IZ) is simple yet gorgeous. IZ’s soulful voice and melodic ukulele make this a perfect romantic choice for walking down the aisle. 

Bring on the romance

What’s a wedding without a few romantic tunes? The following picks are the best wedding songs for getting your guests slow dancing or just to play as background music to get the mood right. 

“Für immer und dich” by Rio Reiser

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If you’ve never heard “Für immer und dich”, you’re missing out: It’s been called one of the greatest German love songs ever. 

In this song, Rio Reiser describes how everything he does is for the one he loves:

I laugh for you, cry for you (Ich lach’ für dich, wein’ für dich) / I rain and I shine for you (Ich regne und ich schein’ für dich).

What’s more romantic than that?   

“Das Beste” by Silbermond

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“Das Beste” is an emotional song by the band Silbermond; it feels like a heartfelt love letter. 

With lyrics like “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me (Du bist das Beste, was mir je passiert ist),” your guests are bound to fall in love with this song!

And if you think “Das Beste” is romantic, you should check out “Ja” by Silbermond. This beautiful hit song is another perfect wedding pick.

“Willst du” by Schandmaul

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The acoustic version of “Willst du” by Schandmaul is the perfect addition to a romantic playlist. 

With a sweet melody and mellow tempo, the singer describes the love and passion he has for his partner; it’s also a song about a proposal:

 Do you want this ring from me (Willst du diesen Ring von mir?) / Slip it on and then say: (Streif ihn über und dann sage) / Yes, from now on I’m yours! (Ja, fortan gehör’ ich dir!)

“Auf Uns” by Andreas Bourani

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“Auf Uns by Andreas Bourani is an upbeat, hopeful love song and an ideal track for any wedding playlist. With a title that translates to “To Us,” the singer celebrates the love he shares with his partner and looks toward the future:

Cheers to what lies ahead (Ein Hoch auf das, was vor uns liegt) / That there is the best for us (Dass es das Beste für uns gibt) / Cheers to what unites us (Ein Hoch auf das was uns vereint) / To this time (auf diese Zeit) / Cheers to us (us) Ein Hoch auf uns (uns).

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Hit the dance floor

We all know weddings aren’t only about romance—they’re also a chance to get on the dance floor and play some German hits (well, the good ones, anyway). 

Here are some wedding dance songs that will liven up your special day and get your guests and their dates moving!

“Ein Kompliment” by Sportfreunde Stiller

YouTube video

Dancing and romancing come together in “Ein Kompliment”, a dancey rock song that carries on with the theme of love. 

The singer makes comparisons between his love and his other favorite things: 

Are you my chill-out area / (Bist du meine Chill-Out Area) / My holidays every year (Meine Feiertage in jedem Jahr) / My candy section in the supermarket (Meine Süßwarenabteilung im Supermarkt)?

“Viva Colonia” by Die Höhner

YouTube video

“Viva Colonia” is a go-to anthem-type song, popular at events like Oktoberfest

With lyrics like “We love life, love and lust (Wir lieben das Leben, die Liebe und die Lust),” it’s a fantastic party song to amp up your guests and get them out of their seats. 

And, of course, the chant “Viva Colonia!” can be switched up with other place names, depending on the crowd. 

“Hitmix” by PUR

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Want your guests to get on the dance floor? Playing the German party staple “Hitmix” by PUR is a surefire way to get everyone moving. 

You can’t help but feel happy when you’re dancing to this popular nine-minute party mix!

“Hulapalu” by Andreas Gabalier

YouTube video

“Hulapalu is another fun song for you and your guests to get down to. 

With a catchy beat and words like “dance floor” and “happy hour,” this famous Oktoberfest hit is a perfect party song. 

And it’s impossible not to have a good time singing along to this: “Hodiodioooodiooodie, hodiodioooodiooodie… “ (you get the idea).

“Atemlos durch die Nacht” by Helene Fischer

YouTube video

Helene Fischer’s “Atemlos durch die Nacht” is a powerful, dancey love song with a club vibe; it’s the perfect mix of party and romance. This energetic tune describes an intoxicating, passionate kind of love: 

Today we are eternal, a thousand feelings of happiness (Wir sind heute ewig, tausend Glücksgefühle) / I share everything I am with you (Alles was ich bin, teil ich mit dir) / We are inseparable, somehow immortal (Wir sind unzertrennlich, irgendwie unsterblich) / Come take my hand and walk with me (Komm nimm meine Hand und geh mit mir)

Wedding party hits: from the aisle to the dancefloor

The truth is, you’ll remember your special day no matter what. But to make it just as memorable for your guests, be sure to put together the perfect playlist from start to finish.

Add some of these song suggestions and watch as your guests enjoy an event they won’t soon forget!

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