The most romantic phrases in English

The most romantic phrases in English

by Adriana Stein

Updated February 11, 2021

While saying “I love you” is one common way to express your feelings in English, if you truly want to impress your loved ones this coming Valentine’s Day, there are many more uniquely romantic phrases you can use to let them know how you feel – and show off your language skills.

8 romantic phrases in English that are sure to attract your Valentine

Sweet gestures and expensive gifts are definitely appreciated during Valentine’s Day, but words matter more than you think! Being able to say exactly what you mean is one of the gifts of learning a language – and here are some you can share with your significant other when learning English.

1. “It was love at first sight”

Most relationships develop and get stronger over time, but sometimes all it takes is one moment to know you’re in love. When it’s love at first sight, the attraction is instant. Maybe it’s because of the way they look, or the way they talk and smile. Whatever it is, you know you’re hooked and you’ll do everything to get to know this person more. 

This may be an old-fashioned way to express your love, but it still works!

2. “You are too good to be true”

Someone is too good to be true when they have qualities that make them stand out and make them special. When you say this to someone you love, it means you believe they’re not like most people and maybe they are even out of your league (but with a fully positive connotation). Basically it’s like telling them how lucky you are that they chose you out of all the people in the world. It doesn’t get cuter than that!

3. “You’re my soul mate”

In a world where there are 7 billion people, what are the chances of finding someone who compliments your personality, understands your thoughts, and enjoys the same things as you? In English, a “soul mate” refers to a person who is your perfect match in every way possible. There can be a religious element to this statement, but not always. It can just be that you think they’re pretty much flawless.

4. “Let’s go steady”

Asking someone to go steady with you means you’re over the getting-to-know-you stage and are now ready to be in an exclusive relationship with them. It’s another way of saying that after spending some time with them and getting to know more about them, you are now ready to commit to the relationship and go beyond just sending each other funny emojis. Some might say this phrase is slightly dated (ok it’s true, my grandma may have used this as well), but I personally still find it really endearing and would say it.

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5. “You’re my significant other”

Claiming that someone is your significant other is like proudly telling the whole world that your loved one is the most important person to you. And in English, it can be a more formal term to replace “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” (such as if you say this at work, for example). Saying this to your “significant other” or long-term partner on Valentine’s Day is not only romantic, but it also helps them feel secure that the relationship means as much to you as it means to them. 

6. “You rock my world”

This is a fun and playful way to tell someone how much joy and excitement they bring to your life. Rocking someone’s world means you turned their otherwise boring and routine life into a more exciting and colourful one. If your loved one helped you regain purpose and a new zest for life, this is the perfect phrase to let them know exactly how much they’ve made an impact on your life.

7. “You make the world go round”

When a person becomes an essential part of your daily life, and your decisions and considerations include them, they start to “make your world go round”. When you tell someone that, it means having them in your life has had a positive and meaningful impact.

It could also mean that they’re the reason why you wake up with a smile in the morning, why you are able to get through your struggles, and why you can sleep peacefully at night. When you feel that they are the one, you can say this phrase to let them know how truly important they are. 

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8. “I’m falling in love with you”

Nothing is more romantic than realising that you have strong feelings for someone and that you’re ready to let them know. Exposing your real emotions can be scary – what if they don’t feel the same? That’s why saying this phrase for the first time is a big move. If your partner loves you as much as you love them, hearing these words will bring both of you to a new place in your relationship. 

The English language may not be as romantic as French, but it doesn’t fall short of romantic words and phrases that would indeed sweep anyone off their feet. Express your love this Valentine’s Day and brace yourself for hugs and kisses after.