How to prepare for a French exam

How to prepare for a French exam

by Audrey Sivadier

Updated February 21, 2023

You have decided to take a French exam but you don’t know how to prepare for it? Bravo! You took the first step towards boosting your language learning in no time. Whether for personal or professional reasons, several different French language tests exist. In order to prepare for these important exams, discover in this article the differences between the tests and what awaits you for each of them. In our today’s article, we give you tips on how to prepare for your official French exam.

Learn languages at your pace

Listening tips

It’s best to be able to travel or live in a French-speaking country before taking a French test. If this is not your case, or you don’t have the option to travel at the moment, don’t panic! You can listen to the radio or watch French TV (or even Netflix). Radio France Internationale is particularly helpful for French learners, as they offer a daily newscast in easy-to-follow French.

For beginners, there is nothing better than listening to songs in French or watching films with subtitles to acquire the melody and sounds of French.

Get reading right

To prepare for a French test, it is really important that you regularly read French texts and review the vocabulary. Reading the test questions properly is also a must. However, you must remember that the idea of an exam is to answer as many questions as possible in order to score points, so it’s not the time to seek perfection!

Winning writing tips

French official tests have instructions to guide you through the process. They are designed so that all the words give you ideas and allow you to put your thoughts in order. We recommend that you line up the words that seem important to you and take notes on a separate sheet of paper. You will also need to know the codes and vocabulary to write a letter, an email, a postcard, an invitation, etc.

Speaking sensation

Speaking exams are usually the exams that most people fear. Before your test, try to find a language exchange partner and communicate via the internet. Speak as much as possible, as you do during your lessons with Lingoda, naturally, with ease, and you will succeed without any problem!

If you take all these tips into consideration, you’re bound to do brilliantly on your next official French exam. Best of luck! Don’t forget, you can sign up for your free 7-day French trial with Lingoda if you want to practice your speaking and listening skills!

Last but not least… Here are our top tips for your French exam

  • Sleep is not lazy! A good night’s sleep will help you to concentrate.
  • Studying all day long will only give you a headache. Move around, get some exercise and some fresh air.
  • During the exam, take the time to read the instructions, and read all the exercises before rushing into answering them.

Learn languages at your pace

Audrey has been a French teacher for more than ten years now, and a cheese-lover all her life. She comes from the west of France, and after living 2 years in Spain and 4 years in Oxford in England, she has just settled in the heart of France, in Auvergne, a land of cheese, rugby, Michelin tires and ancient volcanoes. Audrey definitely prefers the first one. She speaks French, Spanish and English, and just started German, nothing better to understand her students who tremble at the French grammar! When she is not teaching, she tries to find time to cook or sing in a choir. She loves to invite people to her house to feed them and trap them with musical blind tests designed and adapted to her guests! Find out more about her on her website and LinkedIn.

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