The best YouTube channels to improve your Business English

The best YouTube channels to improve your Business English

by Jakob Straub

Updated November 10, 2022

English YouTube videos are a great and abundant source to help you improve your Business English. Speakers covering business topics allows you to extend your range of vocabulary and phrases while following interesting conversations or subjects. The option of turning on subtitles enables you to still keep up even as things might get more difficult. We’ve compiled the best YouTube channels for Business English learners so you can dive right in.

Top YouTube channels for learning Business English

These channels provide free videos for Business English learners to help you improve your language skills.

Business English Pod

The Business English Pod is a channel dedicated entirely to learners of Business English. You can follow the lessons of a “9 to 5” course or browse their extensive selection of playlists geared towards specific needs. There are videos for beginners, a focus on just vocabulary or conversation and vocabulary, legal English and financial English terms as well as videos covering job interview situations.

Learning English with Steve Ford

Steve Ford is an enthusiastic teacher who goes into detail in short videos often just below ten minutes. The channel Learn English with Steve Ford has many general English learning lessons on pronunciation, phrasal verbs, vocabulary or grammar to take you from basic to fluency levels. A specific playlist for Business English covers topics such as basics, vocabulary, writing and communication, job interview situations and work-related idioms.

Learn English with Rebecca

With more than 30 years of experience, Rebecca is creating a lot of free language learning content for her YouTube subscribers. The channel Learn English with Rebecca has general content on speaking, writing, listening, grammar and vocabulary and also focuses on preparing you for IELTS and TOEFL exams. There are also around 50 videos on Business English alone, including videos on how to speak like a manager.

Rachel’s English

Rachel will help you master US-American English pronunciation on her channel Rachel’s English. The videos have a strong focus on talking like a native and improving your listening comprehension. Closed captioning will easily help you understand everything and with new videos every week, Rachel is serving nearly 2.7 million subscribers. For Business English learners, there is specific content around job interviews and getting a job in the USA.

Learn English with Let’s Talk

Learn English with Let’s Talk is based in Mumbai and features an ensemble of all Indian ESL teachers. However, their “neutral accent” content addresses learners all around the world and currently reaches nearly five million subscribers. Lessons also include fun topics like slang, idioms, phrases and expressions. On the subject of Business English alone, you’ll find more than one hundred videos. Additional content focuses on personality development, corporate training and skills.

More Business English YouTube Channels

These channels will help you improve your Business English skills by giving you a chance to listen to speakers discuss business-related and interesting topics.

The Futur

The Futur is a channel trying to answer the question “How can I find a job that I love and has meaning?” As an entrepreneur or freelancers, you can find interesting videos on the business of design, mindset and personality development, Freelance Fridays, whiteboard sessions, goal setting or how to start a creative agency, all the while immersing yourself in Business English vocabulary and expressions.

Behind the Brand

Behind the Brand by Bryan Elliott showcases innovators, entrepreneurs and success stories. Each video is like a peek into the mind of people like bestselling author Seth Godin, pro skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk or motivational coach Tony Robbins. You hear about innovation, motivation and inspiration as well as what it means to have success on YouTube. As an added bonus, you’ll automatically pick up the lingo of business. 

Silicon Valley Girl

If you’re interested in startup culture and all things Silicon Valley, you need to subscribe to the Silicon Valley Girl channel. The videos focus on business aspects such as success advice, starting a business, business stories, building a personal brand, business ideas or how to be productive. You’ll definitely learn Business English expressions with an American accent.

Tim Ferriss

If you haven’t heard of Tim Ferriss, he’s the Four Hour guy, mindset guru and author of five number one bestselling books. On his channel, you’ll find mentoring and life advice, interviews and discussions with business people and innovators as valuable content for self-improvement. Tim Ferriss can show you not only how to talk the talk but how to actually say things with meaning and value. 


“Ideas worth spreading” is the motto of the TED conference, the highlights of which you can watch on the TED Talks channel. You can have your pick of the world’s leading thinkers and makers give compelling lectures on business, technology, entertainment, design, science, arts and global issues. In Business English, it’s an important skill to be able to explain and summarize complex issues for a broad audience in an appealing way. TED allows you to watch and learn from the best.

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