Spanish classes for adults with Lingoda: How to choose them

Spanish classes for adults with Lingoda: How to choose them

by Alison Maciejewski Cortez

Updated July 20, 2023

Adults make time for Spanish language classes, but we have unique demands. As working professionals, often with families, we want to see progress. When we choose Spanish classes, we don’t have time to waste so we expect a quality program to grow our confidence in speaking and understanding. We expect to get better and that is what motivates us to stick with it. Whether you want to take online Spanish lessons or try a classroom setting, today we are sharing how to choose Spanish language classes for adults. 

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4 questions to ask before choosing Spanish classes for adults

To begin, it’s important to choose the right Spanish language program for you. There is truly no ‘best program for everyone’. There are only the best Spanish classes that fit your specific needs. So to choose the best Spanish program, you need to ask yourself:

  1. What are my needs?
  2. What is my schedule?
  3. What learning environment do I excel in?
  4. What is my goal?

Once you have a clear answer to these four questions, you can choose the best fit.

1. What are my Spanish language course needs?

Are you a language hobbyist? A world traveler? A freelance contractor for Latin American companies? Depending on your answer, your needs are different. General Spanish courses help you improve for chatting with Spanish speakers and gaining confidence in travel settings. Spanish for business is specifically for improving in the international work setting. Your best option for Spanish classes is to choose a program that has classes to match your needs. 

Whether your needs are conversational or professional, better Spanish language programs will have a formal assessment such as a placement test. This way your Spanish language ability is measured and you begin at the proper level.

2. What is my schedule for Spanish classes? 

Adult language students need flexibility, and that goes for Spanish classes. We need to stay on track with learning and our lives. The best way to learn Spanish is to find courses that fit our work and family schedules. First, consider the location. Does the Spanish program only offer in-person lessons, or do they allow you to learn Spanish from home? Do they have weekend, late-night or even 24/7 class times? Choose a Spanish class that fits your life.

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3. What learning environment do I excel in?

Similar to the point above, choose a Spanish class that fits your learning style. Right now due to social distancing, the most popular learning environment is online Spanish classes for adults. This can vary from private sessions to web-based classrooms and mobile apps. Check that your online language school offers a range of private and group classes. If you like more personal attention, go for a one-on-one private tutor. If you like interaction, choose a small class. 

Also, check if the teaching style fits what you like. Do you learn best with interactive, fun activities or pure memorization? Incorporating Spanish language media into your life helps. Does your school suggest moviespodcasts and cultural lessons to supplement your online Spanish lessons?

4. What is my goal for online Spanish classes? 

Finally, clarify what your goal is. Do you need to receive a CEFR certificate for a Spanish-language job position? Do you want to improve your vocabulary around a specific topic such as food or geography? Decide on a specific goal for your online Spanish classes. That way you will know when you have achieved it.  

Either way, make sure the Spanish classes you choose are being taught by native-speaking, qualified teachers. Someone like Omareliz is going to provide a great all-around education in Spanish because of her language expertise, her professional teaching qualifications and cultural her background. 

Spanish classes made adult-proof with Lingoda

Great Spanish classes for adults are out there. Remember to choose by asking yourself: What are my needs, my schedule, my preferred learning environment, and my goals? If you can answer those questions and are satisfied that a school can meet your needs, get started. 

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Alison Maciejewski Cortez

Alison Maciejewski Cortez is Chilean-American, born and raised in California. She studied abroad in Spain, has lived in multiple countries, and now calls Mexico home. She believes that learning how to order a beer in a new language reveals a lot about local culture. Alison speaks English, Spanish, and Thai fluently and studies Turkish. Her consulting business takes her around the world and she is excited to share language tips as part of the Lingoda team. Follow her culinary and cultural experiences on Twitter.

Alison Maciejewski Cortez

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