Meet Natasa: Lingoda’s B2B Account Executive

Meet Natasa: Lingoda’s B2B Account Executive

by Lingoda Team

Updated November 7, 2022

You might be wondering if you can learn a language while you work? The answer is a resounding yes! Nastasa works in Lingoda’s B2B (business to business) department. She helps to create language learning opportunities for companies across the world. 

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What does a B2B account executive do?

My job is to connect our business with other businesses and to create new ways to make our company grow. We also help our corporate clients create the best-customised learning programmes for their employees. 

What do you enjoy about working for Lingoda?

Lingoda is a fast-growing company. It’s great to be a part of it. There are many opportunities to learn and develop and I like it when I see that we are open to new ideas, approaches, but also critical thinking and suggestions. 

What does an average day in B2B look like for you?

I usually have all my days organized and all the hours in my calendar booked. I just need to turn on my laptop and make the first call! 

I talk a lot on the phone and on Zoom, discussing new partnerships, collaborations and opportunities with my team, but also external partners. My team is amazing and it’s a pleasure to work with them – we work on many projects together and continuously learn about new opportunities in the field.

You decided to move into the world of online education – why?

I chose Lingoda for a couple of reasons. When I first came to the office I quickly realised how multi-cultural it was, which I loved. Then I discovered that I would have a chance to work with businesses from all over the world. I’ve always believed that education is one of the most powerful forces of change in this world and at the same time it’s the best way to create strong and meaningful connections.

Here at Lingoda, we have a chance to work with over 35 nationalities with people from all over the world, which for me is a dream come true, especially as we are helping people reach their dreams and achieve their goals on a daily basis. It made me realise that I was right to follow my intuition and chase my dreams.

Do you think learning languages can have an impact on someone’s career?

I realised at a young age that learning languages can open many doors for you in this world. This was very important to me as I was born in a country that went through many changes and troubles over the years. Learning English gave me the opportunity to live abroad. (The fact that I was a grammar nerd also helped). I started learning with movies and music and always imagined how I will travel and get to meet and understand people from different cultures.

What tips would you give someone who is looking to move abroad for work?

We are working with companies that hire people from other countries and we have helped more than 50,000 professionals around the globe to boost their language skills – some of these are learning the language to enable them to move to another country. 

I also moved abroad for work and I can only say it can be an enriching experience and, if you have an opportunity and you wish to do it – just go for it! 

Lingoda will be there to help you improve your language skills and integrate faster into the new culture!

Learn languages at your pace

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