Meet Erika: World Traveller and German Teacher

Meet Erika: World Traveller and German Teacher

by Lingoda Team

Updated November 7, 2022

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You’ve already met Brita, now it’s time for another German teacher! Meet Erika. She’s travelled the world, lived in multiple countries and loves culture, music and literature. Why did she choose to teach with Lingoda? Let’s find out…

Erika, please tell us a little about yourself.

I am Erika, born in the heart of Bavaria, in the middle of the Alps, close to Salzburg, Austria. Working and creating together with different cultures and people, enriching each other and co-creating, is the passion of my life. I also love art, especially music, writing and travelling. 

You’ve travelled the world, where have you lived and explored?

I lived in Paris for a few months, when  participated in a study programme for international students at the university of the Sorbonne. Not only did I experience life at a French university, but also the French way of life as I lived with a French family.

A couple of years later, I took part in an extended internship in stage management in San Diego. I did this while studying American Culture and History, Intercultural Communications and Psychology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich. This gave me a first insight into creative arts.

After finishing my studies in Munich, I was working for many years on US cruise ships in several positions. My colleagues, all crew and staff  members came from more than sixty different nations. This was the best time of my life, experiencing a “United Nations which really work”. And the icing on the cake – I met my husband who is a ship’s officer from India.

Not too long ago, I lived in Burbank, CA where I attended TSSoLA (The Songwriting School of LA). I have also lived in Sydney, Australia, where I completed some music programmes at the AIM (Australian Institute of Music).


What does the average day look like for you as a Lingoda teacher?

When I am teaching, I have up to 7 Lingoda classes per day. The classes are like an energy boost for me.

My second job, which is maximum two weeks a month, is assisting in organising workshops and seminars in various hotels in the Munich area for the Haufe academy, Freiburg. After classes, I often have meetings with multi-cultural groups of InterNations. If ex-pats need some advice, I am there for them as well. 

What is it about learning and speaking other languages that you enjoy?

I love to learn other languages since it is a perfect means in order to get to know people from other cultures with whom I then can easily communicate.

Each language has its charm, its unique melody and sound, a certain way to express things, etc. 

You teach with Lingoda, what is it that you like the most about the platform?

Students with the most diverse cultures, beliefs, that are coming and creating together. I am feeling a deep respect for their motivation, intention and dedication to master this language. Furthermore, all those students have incredibly interesting lives and life stories. It’s amazing and inspiring to listen to. 

Why do you think people should learn languages with Lingoda?

To open their horizons, to see and experience the value of other languages and cultures. Furthermore, to be prepared for a world which demands multilingual skills, not only in business, but also in daily life. The world is coming together and everyone is depending on one another more and more. Our world can successfully continue only under this premise.


What do you like most about the German language?

German language is very rich of expressions, metaphors and words. Just by reading a book by Thoms Mann, for example, you are getting aware of that richness which real masters of literature can manage. Words like “Zeitgeist”, “Seelenfrieden”, “Lebenslust”, “Wanderlust” or “Wunderkind” perfectly express conditions or situations and some have even become part of other languages.

Why do you think people should visit, or even live, in Germany (or a German speaking country)? 

Because of its rich and interesting culture! Furthermore, in order to get rid of clichées, created through historical events under which the country was suffering for a long time, I recommended that everyone should experience this amazing culture and its inhabitants.

If you had any tips or advice for a language learner, what would they be?

To learn the language with focus and consistency, but also in combination with joy and ease. Focus and study is especially important at the beginning in order to have a strong grammar base. Once the knowledge and capability for applying those grammar skills is in place, then there is a good base on which to build. 

What words of wisdom do you have for anyone who may be thinking about taking the leap into language learning or travelling?

I highly recommend travelling because it opens your perspective of things, people, cultures and places. It might be scary or even challenging, but: If you are scared of anything in life, do it anyway. It will catapult you to new horizons!

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