Meet Aisha: Lingoda’s CRM Manager

Meet Aisha: Lingoda’s CRM Manager

by Lingoda Team

Updated November 7, 2022

Meet Aisha, a member of our CRM (customer relationship management) department here at Lingoda. She’s part of the team that brings communication to your mailbox. Aisha talks real-world skills, keeping open-minded and, of course, language learning!

What is your role at Lingoda?

I work in the CRM department, which means my life is built around you, our users, and your relationship with Lingoda. I spend most of my day trying to understand our customers better, with our consumer insights team, so we can help them pick the right products that can further their language learning goals.

You said you try to understand customers better. What does that involve?

As it stands, the core of CRM is to deepen the relationship between a business and its customers, employees, partners, suppliers and the product users. What it means is that we connect all of these together to understand a user’s previous history with the product, their learning goals and preferences, their favourite teachers and topics, and more. This helps us to customise every new interaction (via Emails, app notifications, SMS, etc.) with a user which makes it more relevant to them. We learn from our users so we can give them what they want, when they need it.

What does an average day as a CRM Manager look like?

Well, an average day goes about in meetings (obviously, right?), analyzing the database, planning lead generation campaigns, refining multi-channel consumer relations, learning more about our existing customers, and testing EVERYTHING.

On the whole, it all boils down to taking data (anything and everything) and converting it into powerful campaigns and user touch points that bring faster business growth and better profitability.

Why are languages important to you?

I think learning a new language is the new superhuman power to master – it’s the most useful real-world skill that exists. It allows me to express myself the way I want to and helps me stay open-minded. When I first moved to Germany, I realised how important being exposed to other cultures and languages really is. I had never learned a foreign language (other than English, of course). I joined Lingoda with my A1 level German hoping to learn more about my job but instead I ended up learning so much more about different cultures and how interconnected we all really are! At Lingoda, every day feels like a new beginning.

What languages do you speak?

I speak English, Hindi, Kannada und ein bisschen Deutsch. Personally, I think learning a new language is like having a super power – it is one of the most useful skills you can have in this world that opens so many doors and opportunities in life. It allows me to express myself in more ways everyday and helps me to discover new cultures.

Why did you choose to work at Lingoda?

I only discovered the challenges of learning a new language as an adult after I moved to Germany. Back home in India, it’s not as big a trend to learn languages for the fun of it or is not really a necessity when you can already speak English fluently. Realising the importance of language learning, especially with a live teacher who interacts with students on a real time basis, I knew I was making the right choice in choosing Lingoda over the thousand other startups in Berlin. It’s a rewarding feeling to be able to make a difference in our students’ lives and help them achieve their goals.

What tips do you have for someone who is thinking of learning a new language?

I have often heard people say, “Ah, I’d love to learn X language someday”. And I completely get that because I’m a huge procrastinator too (especially when it comes to learning a language). But if we never give it a try, we’ll never make a start. The key to learning a language, I think, is to accept that you are going to say (a lot of) stupid things along the way – only then can we be consistent at our learning and someday (hopefully, soon) also be fluent at a new language. So give it a go!

Want to work with Aisha? Lingoda is hiring! With jobs in creative, product, business development, marketing and finance, you’re sure to find something that meets your skillset.

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