Meet Adrian: Lingoda’s Creative Director

Meet Adrian: Lingoda’s Creative Director

by Lingoda Team

Updated November 7, 2022

What really goes on behind the scenes at Lingoda’s Berlin HQ? We hope to demystify the world of online learning by bringing you a series of interviews with our team of international staff. Last week we met with Lingoda’s Senior Content Manager, Pierre. This week it’s time to talk colour palettes and brand guidelines. Meet Adrian, Lingoda’s newly appointed Creative Director. 

What does an average day as Lingoda’s Creative Director look like?

Well, I’m responsible for designs and copywriting. It’s my job to transform how our brand looks and sounds and make sure you’re all getting exciting and beautiful branded content no matter the touchpoint – whether this is on one of our social channels or the website.

An average day as Creative Director is extremely varied. It all depends on the projects I am working on. Sometimes it’s concepting for campaigns, other times planning website designs or creating content for social media. The thing that stays the same every day is checking in with what our customers want to see or experience. Being close to the customers is really important in my role. 

You decided to move into the world of online education – why?

Languages have always interested me and I’ve wanted to work in the industry for a while. I speak (Australian) English and German. For me, languages aren’t just a form of communication, they’re the thing that makes the world smaller and brings us all together. In a globalised world I see that as something that is so important. I also love to learn about the history of languages and linguistics. For example, Old German and Old English were almost the same thing. Notice how ‘welcome’ in English (Welcumen) is almost the same as the German (Willkommen). It’s fascinating. 

What drew you to move halfway across the world and live in Berlin? 

I moved to Germany seven years ago and the biggest reason I feel so happy here (apart from my fabulous husband and amazing dog) is that I learnt German fluently. I have been able to build strong friendships and navigate complicated German bureaucracy. I wanted to move to Berlin to gain new experiences and be closer to my German roots. I’ve experienced it first hand how learning a language can change your life for the better and I was so drawn to Lingoda to be able to help change other people’s lives through language too. 

What do you like about living and working in Berlin?

I love it! To me Berlin is the new creative and tech hub of Europe. No matter where I go in the city I always see and learn new things. The city is constantly evolving and changing, so many people from all over the world are moving to Berlin every day. The work culture is also a big benefit for me. Coming from Australia, companies can be very corporate and finding a good work life balance can be very hard. In Berlin people take their jobs seriously, but they also take “Feierabend” seriously and that means relaxing and enjoying your free time outside of work too.

What tips would you give someone who is looking to move into a career in design and content creation?

Don’t be scared to give it a try! Believe in your ideas and be open to changing and developing them. Working in the creative sector means you need to be a very flexible person who can adapt to feedback and constantly develop your work. Working in a corporate environment can really build and strengthen your skills and that’s exciting. 

Tell us a little about your career path. 

I was always interested in making things and coming up with concepts, I started out originally in fashion and photography before moving into design. They never felt right for me but as soon as I started designing I knew I’d found my passion! I worked in multiple large companies here in Berlin across different industries to develop my skills and started to progress into management. Having experience in photography and fashion allowed me to work on big photo and TV shoots which was really useful in my goal to become a Creative Director. In my role, I also need to manage copywriting which was a learning curve for me. But my interest in literature and reading definitely didn’t hurt. 

Want to work with Adrian? Lingoda is hiring! With jobs in creative, product, business development, marketing and finance, you’re sure to find something that meets your skillset.

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