Lingoda Sprint reviews – or why you should learn with us!

Lingoda Sprint reviews – or why you should learn with us!

by Lingoda Team

Updated August 4, 2023

Joining a Lingoda Sprint™ is fun, rewarding and worthwhile. And most importantly, our sprinters became more fluent in the language they are learning! This is not something we simply claim, we have proof! Read these Trustpilot reviews by successful Lingoda students and get inspired.

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A lot of fun

“It was a lot of fun and I had great teachers and learned a lot during the sprint. Anytime again!” (Silke)

Not as hard as I thought

“I did the Lingoda Sprint Challenge. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. But I benefited a lot from it because I had the opportunity to have constant daily learning. I’m not in Germany – so it was useful.” (Oleksii Artemiev)

Participation in the sprint is very worthwhile

“Taking part in the sprint was incredibly fun and it helped me a lot! Within a very short time I became really confident in Spanish. The native-speaking teachers were all very nice and competent, I had no problems with the technology at all and the learning materials were also very helpful. All in all, an extremely positive experience for me.” (Tanja DeBond)

Amazing online language school

“I did Sprint and I’m so happy with the final result. It’s definitely worth it and a great way to learn English.” (Liudmila Babinciuc)

I enjoyed the Super Sprint for German

“I enjoy learning with Lingoda, I started a Super Sprint for the German language and it was a very pleasant experience, I loved booking lessons at the time that suits my schedule, the teachers are always nice and they fulfill their promise with the cashback and I’d totally recommend it as a language learning platform.” (Mostafa)

Great learning platform

“The algorithm for matching is super cool, I was able to book my learning times that match my schedule and the learning material is currently being updated which is nice, there are usually available teachers at the times you book and the platform fulfils its promise on the Super Sprint if you pass 90 days straight – you get a full refund!” (Mostafa)

Lingoda is great. Just read the fine print, and study.

“Lingoda is great. I highly recommend it. If you see other grumpy reviews, it’s only because those people either didn’t read the fine print (there are some finicky rules to get the money back) or weren’t doing the necessary immersive work needed to ACTUALLY learn a language (listen to podcasts, read books, watch TV, listen to music in your desired language. You can’t do an hour a day and expect fluency).” (Santana Blanchette)

Successful Super Sprint Challenge!

“It works. I just got the confirmation that I successfully completed the challenge and will get 50% refund. Yay!

Just finished the sprint in German today. So far everything went pretty well. It is not that hard to attend classes for 3 months. My technique is to take the classes in the morning so nothing will interfere with my planning. Most teachers are good and you do have many opportunities to speak, which is very important. Let’s see if there will be any difficulties in getting the cashback. I guess I will update this comment when I do.” (Hiu Fai Yik)

I am a beginner and I am gonna start…

“I am a beginner and I am gonna start with my first lesson in 10 hours and 41 minutes.
I subscribed for a 50% cashback offer, I hope that I do my best.
And I like the way Lingoda moves on with a better platform for teaching languages with a lot of offers and best customer service. Good luck to the future Lingodees🙂” (Nav)

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