Business English: the essential skill for getting a new job or a pay rise

Business English: the essential skill for getting a new job or a pay rise

by Lingoda Team

Updated November 2, 2023

Are you looking to start or change career but your business English skills are holding you back? In this blog, we’ll explain why business English can really help you open more doors. 

Business English! What’s that?

Good question! Business English is the form of English that you study to help you find a new job, or get a promotion in your current organisation. It’s essential for non-native speakers who want to increase job opportunities and maximise their earning potential. Business English applies to most professions, and even if you don’t need it for your current job, it’s a stand out achievement for your CV.

Importantly, business English isn’t just about vocabulary and grammar.  It will help you work smarter. Think about language and body language. How will it help you get that job? Or what about tone of voice when negotiating? One wrong turn and you could miss out on that raise you deserve.

Why should I take Business English at Lingoda?

A good business English course is based on extensive research about the most useful language skills needed in the ever-changing world of business. It will help you perform better in everyday and demanding business situations. Teachers matter too of course. Classes should be interactive, with native speaking teachers. And flexible. If you’re already in a job, you need to be able to book classes at evenings and weekends. 

Get interactive

As well as being interactive, lessons should be informative. People don’t learn English grammar just for fun (ok… some people do, but not most people… luckily!). People normally learn English in order to be able to do things in English. And this is at the core of what we do at Lingoda: we always seek to combine the best of learning based on communication and interaction combined with the flexibility of online learning.

What do the Lingoda Business English lessons involve?

Our business English course features language and situations taken from real meetings, at some of the most successful companies in the world. It is tailor-made with dedicated sections for topics such as negotiating skills, business correspondence and intercultural communication. Anyone who has ever worked in a company knows these are a big deal!

In all of our lessons we have a theory section followed by many practical activities. You will use your new skills in a meaningful context, just as if you were working in a real company. What’s more, you can download our learning materials for free, even if you haven’t signed up. Perfect if you want to prepare for your class, or revise afterwards.

What can I achieve by taking Business English at Lingoda?

Our Business English courses are available in different packages, with lessons starting as low as €11 an hour. Within just a few short months, you could be well on your way to earning the promotion and recognition you deserve. Whether you want to improve your speaking confidence, or acquire the skills you need to write informative reports, this course is for you.

Our lessons are taught by native speaking teachers. meaning you will achieve first-hand experience of practising negotiation, presentation and report writing skills from the people who know best!

Make learning habits

It’s just like learning a sport. Imagine you want learn how to play tennis. You may know all the rules by heart, but if you want to learn how to play tennis, there is no way around it – you have to play ! You’ll make many mistakes at the beginning but at some point you’ll get better. With learning a language it’s the same! You can only acquire the habit of talking to people… by talking to people – surprise! Grammar and vocab apps just don’t give you that.

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