If only Alfie from “Emily in Paris” used Lingoda

If only Alfie from “Emily in Paris” used Lingoda

by Lingoda Team

Updated November 7, 2022

Emily (played by actress Lily Collins) is once again taking Paris by storm in season 2 of the popular Netflix series Emily in Paris that debuted on Dec 22, 2021. This season focuses on the challenges of learning the French language for the different characters, so we took a closer look to see how we could help them out… 

Between love, friendship, work and language learning

And while Emily stumbled her way through Paris, offending the occasional French speaker on the way, she has now found her footing much more easily in this season. Filled with fabulous fashion, friendship and heartache, excellent escapism, (perhaps not so) realistic insights into French culture, identity woes and hilarious (mis)communication, this season of the infamous series also shows Emily finally wanting to tackle her (questionable) French language skills as she joins a language school.

The language school is where Emily meets Alfie (played by Lucien Laviscount), a young and handsome banker from London, who is not impressed by Paris or even interested in learning French at all

Before the two strike up more than a friendship, they spent some time working together at the language school. But Alfie sees his time there as numbered and even calls the language school “basically the linguistic equivalent of traffic school”. 

But what if Alfie was learning French with Lingoda? 

With Lingoda, he could enjoy maximum flexibility: Our small, online group and private classes are available 24/7, which would allow Alfie to study when he wants to, saving a significant amount of his time. This way, he would not even have to leave the comfort of his (very chic!) penthouse in Paris. And by joining our small group classes, Alfie would not even have to miss out on meeting (and eventually falling for) Emily.

And with his very own customised language learning journey, Alfie would be able to pave his own path to fluency: With our teachers having at least two years of professional teaching experience, they would help Alfie speak French confidently in no time. 

Lingoda’s curriculum is designed around real-life examples, topics and language – so Alfie could start by learning how to speak about his interests and hobbies (which of course – as a Brit – is football!), to finally explain to Emily what his job (he “specialises in financial services concerning the post-Brexit transition”. What?!) is actually all about – in fluent French of course. 

So Alfie, learn French to impress…

So in the spirit of preparing for season 3 that we are already impatiently waiting for: Alfie, you are more than welcome to join Lingoda and get a head start on your French language skills. Indeed, we wouldn’t like you to miss out on the opportunity to compete with the handsome Gabriel… #teamalfie. And with that, you will sweep Emily (and us!) off your feet and maybe even fall for Paris and the French language. Lingoda teachers make it hard not to.

In a language rut like Alfie?

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