How to Use Adverbs of Frequency in French

How to Use Adverbs of Frequency in French

by Lingoda Team

Updated November 9, 2022

Do you sometimes wonder how you can say how often you do something?

Bonjour everyone!

The wonderful Betty is back to give you a quick rundown of the adverbs of frequency in French.

Watch the video here and you’ve got the added bonus of the text below to help you out!

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If you want to learn French, you probably like cheese. But you also probably don’t eat cheese every day, but just sometimes, often… or maybe rarely or never… (if so, you don’t know what you’re missing!). Let’s learn how to express this in French.

You need adverbs of frequency for that!

Let’s see the most common frequency adverbs in order from “most often” to “least often”:

toujours (always) → d’habitude (usually) → souvent (often)→ parfois (sometimes) → rarement (rarely) → jamais (never)

For example, Je bois toujours du jus d’orange le matin. I always drink orange juice in the morning.

For something you usually do, use d’habitude. D’habitude, je vais au travail à vélo. I usually go to work on my bike.

When do you do sport? Je cours souvent le mercredi. I often run on Wednesdays.

Do you go to the movies regularly ? Je vais parfois au cinéma. I sometimes go to the movies.


Ok, you’ve now seen the most common adverbs of frequency! Want to put them into practise?

Head over to our website to try out a Lingoda lesson on this very subject, because you’ll always need them!

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