Ever dream about having a holiday in the UK? It’s not all sunshine and beaches, but it is full of beautiful countryside and character. The North of England and Wales regularly dominate the list of top 10 ranking for popular holiday destinations. If you’re planning to go North, here’s our tips on understanding the accent! So let’s find out what holidays in the UK you can consider to take. 

Staycations in the UK

Staycations are a popular kind of holiday in the UK. People often decide to stay in their home country rather than going abroad. This type of holiday is becoming more popular than ever! It’s even said that more 25-34 year olds are using staycations as a digital detox from the modern world. 

One of the most popular staycation holidays in the UK is Cornwall (and always has been a golden destination for tourists!). Cornwall is famous for its variety and beauty of beaches on offer which cover a huge 250 miles of coastline. From cosy cottages and camping sites to luxury hotels and hippy hostels, this destination has places suited to every travellers needs!

Camping in the UK

If you’re a camping fan then the UK has many camping sites, in fact, there are over 2,500! Sleeping in an old tent not your style? Then maybe “glamping” could be for you. With new sites springing up all the time, you can experience the great outdoors with a little more comfort. Choose to sleep in an old bus, an extravagant tent or a caravan. The choice is yours! 

Top UK hotels

The UK is infamous for its stunning old estate houses, many of which are now converted into museums, event venues, and even hotels! If luxury travel is your thing, then we recommend Devon and London as the perfect places to have a holiday in the UK. In Devon, you can wake up to the sounds of the harbour or in London, rise like a queen (literally, opposite her palace!) surrounded by glamorous but homely furniture.

For those who don’t see the appeal of staying opposite Buckingham Palace, there are other options!

Lodging in the UK

According to Trip Advisor, the number one best value hotel is located in Bath. Bath is a “World Heritage City” known for its Roman Baths (hint is in the city’s name), and offers luxurious stays at affordable prices. In this one, you even get served Buck’s Fizz on arrival – how British! 


If you’re looking for something a little less posh, we recommend a hostel. There are hundreds of them across the UK and we promise you don’t always have to share a room with 11 other people!

London, being top on people’s bucket lists to visit in the UK, has the best hostel according to The BrokeBackpacker.comIf you’re travelling solo, Brighton has some great hostels just metres from the seafront, and for those who are digital nomads, Edinburgh is the best place to take a holiday in the UK. Maybe you could be the next JK Rowling and start writing your book in the city’s historic streets!

So there we have it – our short guide to get you started when travelling in the UK. Do you have any travelling tips? Visit our social channels and let us know! 

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