It’s coming home?

As the drama in the football world cup unfolds in Russia, and England fights its way back into relevance, an old (but gold) song has resurfaced: Three Lions by The Lightning Seeds – with a little help from David Baddiel and Frank Skinner. It includes, of course, the now famous chorus, “Football’s coming home”.

England lost, unfortunately, but we still wondered: how do you say ‘Football’s coming home’ in other languages?

Lingoda is a pretty multi-lingual company as you’d expect.

So here is “Football is coming home” in all the languages represented in the Lingoda team

English: Football’s coming home

Croatian: Nogomet se vraca kuci

Russian: Football edet domoi

Irish: Tá sé ag teacht abhaile

Spanish: El fútbol vuelve a casa

Italian: Il calcio ste tornendo e case

Latvian: Futbols nàx màjàs

Belorussian: Football yetze dadomo

Polish: pijkanozna wraca do domu

French: Le foot rentre à la maison

German: Der Fußball kommt heim

Swedish: Fotboll kommer hem

Kannada: Football namma manealli

Dutch: Voetbal komt thuis

Now, let’s see if football is really coming home. Good luck England in bringing football home. Good luck Croatia in keeping football away!