“Football’s Coming Home?” A Handy Translation Guide for Croatians – and Other Languages

by Lingoda Team
July 11, 2018

It’s coming home?

As the drama in the football world cup unfolds in Russia, and England fights its way back into relevance, an old (but gold) song has resurfaced: Three Lions by The Lightning Seeds – with a little help from David Baddiel and Frank Skinner. It includes, of course, the now famous chorus, “Football’s coming home”.

England lost, unfortunately, but we still wondered: how do you say ‘Football’s coming home’ in other languages?

Lingoda is a pretty multi-lingual company as you’d expect.

So here is “Football is coming home” in all the languages represented in the Lingoda team

English: Football’s coming home

Croatian: Nogomet se vraca kuci

Russian: Football edet domoi

Irish: Tá sé ag teacht abhaile

Spanish: El fútbol vuelve a casa

Italian: Il calcio ste tornendo e case

Latvian: Futbols nàx màjàs

Belorussian: Football yetze dadomo

Polish: pijkanozna wraca do domu

French: Le foot rentre à la maison

German: Der Fußball kommt heim

Swedish: Fotboll kommer hem

Kannada: Football namma manealli

Dutch: Voetbal komt thuis

Now, let’s see if football is really coming home. Good luck England in bringing football home. Good luck Croatia in keeping football away!