English Classes for Corporate – Why Lingoda is the Best Solution

English Classes for Corporate – Why Lingoda is the Best Solution

by Adriana Stein

Updated November 10, 2022

Searching for the easiest solution for business English classes for corporate? Then you’ve come to the right place! Lingoda makes learning English for companies a breeze with an easy to use online learning platform, class scheduling when you need it, and a wide selection of topics that are the most relevant for you – all of which have trackable progress. We also create language level proficiency certificates and custom classes to meet all your language learning requirements. With 24/7 class options, online learning, and a customisable schedule, what’s not to love?

5 reasons to choose Lingoda for English classes for your business

1. Make classes adapt to your schedule

It can be overwhelming to fit in time to learn a language and potentially commute there after work at the same time every week – let alone to coordinate this for a whole company team. This is where Lingoda comes in. With all Lingoda classes, you don’t need a fixed weekly time or place. You can take classes where, when, and however you need. No matter your time zone, Lingoda has classes available to fit your schedule – be it during office hours, early morning, or in the evening. Take classes as often or as little as you need. You choose the 60 minute lessons based on when works best for you and your team’s schedule.

2. Entirely online and no preparation needed

Flexible classes not only means that you can take classes when you want, but also wherever you want due to classes that are entirely online. All materials used in the classes are displayed via the teacher’s video stream and you don’t need to prepare for the lesson. If you’d like to review any of the materials, they are conveniently available to download as PDFs to view them later on. Furthermore, any notes the teacher provides on the lesson via chat are also saved to look back on. This makes class time less stressful, because you only need to login and focus for the 60 minute class duration, but still have the option to review materials later if needed. It’s our mission at Lingoda to make online classes simple and accessible for you – even for the busiest of business English learners.

3. Topics relevant for your requirements

It’s often the case that when a company team needs to learn English, they do so for particular business reasons. Your team likely needs to learn job-specific phrases and grammar for business English. Each time you sign up for lessons with Lingoda, you choose the topics you learn so that they’re the most relevant for you – whether it’s for negotiation, client meetings, discussions among colleagues, various industries (like healthcare or mobility), and much more. All 60 minute lessons will focus precisely on what type of business English you need so that your team can advance their language skills with relevancy and efficiency. What’s more, in the case that you’d prefer custom classes, Lingoda is also happy to prepare this for you. 

young business people learning english in their startup

4. Easily monitor your team’s progress

So that you never lose sight of your team’s progress and can celebrate victories together, you can view real-team tracking information about every class they participate in. From your profile dashboard, you can view the percentage of classes taken toward progressing to another level, as well as download a summary list that displays each class taken.

5. Language support from absolute beginner to advanced learner

Lingoda is here to guide you throughout the entire language learning process so that it feels easy. We begin classes with an English proficiency test to ensure that your team begins at the correct language level. After you complete a specific level, Lingoda also automatically provides English proficiency certificates for CEFR levels that are globally recognized. Furthermore, we also provide certifications for specific English proficiency tests if you require them. No matter what level you start at, Lingoda has classes available for all levels (A1-C2), so that your team is empowered to learn at the pace and level they need – anytime and anywhere.

Just how successful is Lingoda at guiding students to business English fluency? Take a look at some of our reviews here.

Visit the Lingoda website to discover how you can incorporate Business English language learning into your company.

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