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Young woman with a cat learning irregular verbs in French

Feb 16, 2024

10 irregular verbs in French and their conjugation

If you’re on the path toward mastering French, you’ll eventually need to master irregular verbs. These French verbs don’t follow...

Young woman asking using French question words to ask the way

Feb 07, 2024

12 French question words you should know

Mastering the basic French question words can feel like a tedious task, but it’s also one that opens the door...

Young woman learning how to ask where are you from in French

Jan 29, 2024

How to ask ‘Where are you from?’ in French

When starting to learn French, it’s natural to seek simple, approachable conversation topics to help break the ice with locals....

Students who experienced life-changing language wins with Lingoda

Dec 20, 2023

Experience life-changing language wins with Lingoda in 2024

As the year draws to a close and we prepare to welcome 2024, you might be setting up new goals...

Dasha- a Lingoda student who tells us about her language wins

Dec 20, 2023

Language wins: A student’s journey to her dream job in France

2024 is the year of language wins! We guide our students to conquer their language aspirations, transform their lives through...

Banner in Lingoda branding saying

Dec 19, 2023

A year in review: Lingoda’s Wrap-Up feature to highlight your language milestones

Every end of the year is a time to look back. As you reflect on your language learning achievements, let...

Young smiling woman looking at her smartphone

Nov 09, 2023

Harnessing the Power of GenAI: The Future of EdTech at Lingoda

The world of EdTech has been no stranger to technology revolutions. We’ve witnessed profound shifts, from the rise of the...

A French and a Senegalese flag next to each other

Sep 13, 2023

A brief overview of the French-Senegalese connection

With several centuries of shared history, Senegal and France have developed strong connections. From the 1600s until its independence in...

Why do people speak French in Vietnam?

Sep 07, 2023

Why do people speak French in Vietnam?

Did you know that French is the fifth most spoken language in the world? Throughout its history, the French language...

All you need to know about business etiquette in France

Sep 07, 2023

All you need to know about business etiquette in France

Up for a career change chez les Français? Whether you’re starting a business or applying for a job in France,...

Happy male doctor with a mother and child explaining Swiss health insurance

Sep 06, 2023

Everything you need to know about Swiss health insurance

Switzerland might be renowned for its efficient public services, but Swiss health insurance can be complex. If you’re living in...

Swiss flag waving in front of a mountain range as a symbol of the most famous Swiss people

Sep 06, 2023

9 famous Swiss people you need to know

Many famous Swiss people have had a profound impact on the world outside their mountainous Central European country. From athletes...