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YouTube is a great resource when it comes to learning languages. Watching videos from experienced people in the field of learning French will help you grasp the culture as well as become fluent in no time. To help you pick the right YouTube channels, we’ve compiled some of the best YouTube channels for learning French! 

Our top 5 favourite YouTube channels for learning French

Kate unintentionallyfrenchified

Our first favourite YouTuber is Kate. She offers fun and friendly videos where she speaks directly to the camera and talks openly about her life moving to Paris at 22! Her videos teach you French as well as the culture from her own perspective. They are inspiring and may leave you wanting to move to France as well.

She also does videos with guests about French fortés like bakeries. In her video about French fashion, she chats with an expert in her living room about tricks and tips when finding the right wardrobe essentials in Paris. Considering she’s such an open and friendly person, her videos with other guests are casual and confident. If you’re looking for a tutor to not only help you with your French but also fitting into the culture, Kate is the one to go to! 

Not Even French 

The next YouTuber is Not Even French who thinks “learning a language can change your life”. In this video, she explains thoroughly about how learning a language quickly and effectively is done through participating in the Lingoda Sprint. She says before doing the Sprint, she was a B1 in French and ended up being a C1 – so it does work!

Her personal transformation is inspiring. She also creates videos with other people and in this one with her professor, they run through things to do during your weekend to learn French like watching French movies. 

Vivir Paris

This guy is great. Originally Spanish, he is very animated in the way he explains his love for French and the country. Similar to the other girls, his videos include him speaking to the screen about his personal experience in Paris. His style of vlogging takes on a fresh format, where he edits his videos to be more colourful and vivid as well. If you want to learn French, then he’s not the one to come to. Instead, he speaks in his native Spanish and tells you pros and cons about life in France and prepares you for a life abroad as a Spanish person. 

Una Mexicana en Paris

Last but not least, similar to vivir Paris, Mirella speaks about her life in Paris. If you’re Spanish speaking and from South America, she’s a perfect fit for you to learn what to expect from Parisian life. In this video, she explains the top 15 things to do in Paris and in her other videos, she also rates products, pastries etc. – everything you need to know about the Parisian way of life with an enthusiastic vlogger. 

So there you have our best YouTube channels for learning French. Do you want to start learning French? Head over to the Lingoda website and sign up for your free 7-day trial today!

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