The Best Translation Apps for Android

The Best Translation Apps for Android

by Adriana Stein

Updated November 9, 2022

With so many translation apps out there, it’s hard to know which ones work the best. That being said, the best option depends on your needs. There are versions with dictionaries, direct sentence translations, and even real-time speech translations. Nonetheless, if you’re using a translation app to help you learn a language, we definitely recommend combining it with an online class to get the whole picture.

List of top 10 translation apps 

1. BK Translate

Price: free

How it works: BK Translate is actually a group of translation apps that are separated per language. Each app translates between the specific second language and English. You can use it for typing, speech, and even handwriting – both for individual words and complete sentences. The UI is super simple and all the apps are free, but they do show ads. Unfortunately, there is no option to pay to remove the ads.

2. Leo Dictionary

Price: free

How it works: Leo Dictionary is an online dictionary the functions on desktop or via app, though there are only a few of the most popular language pairs. It works best when you can search for individual words, but sometimes phrases can be translated as well. The handy bit about Leo is that with more tricky words, sometimes you can find user questions that offer an additional translation based on context. This one is a great resource for professional text translators for that reason.

3. Dictionary Linguee

Price: free

How it works: Dictionary Linguee is an online dictionary that works best for individual words and short phrases. Available on mobile and desktop, it supports many popular languages. The UI on the app is simple to use. You’ve also got the option for offline support and audio pronunciations. Linguee is also a popular resource for text translators because you can see translations with example sentences, which help give context for exactly how a word or phrase is used. There are no ads, either!

4. Google Translate

Price: free

How it works: The go-to classic of Google Translate has stuck within our minds for a reason. Although it doesn’t necessarily provide the most accurate of translations, it’s great for when you’re in a bind and need to communicate with someone quickly. With nearly every language combination possible (60+), in addition to typed text, you can even translate written text, speech, street signs, and more – all with a huge character count possible so you can conveniently view it on one page.


Price: free, with the option to remove ads and use additional languages for $8.99

How it works: is a multilingual dictionary that functions best when you search for single words between two languages. It includes dozens of popular languages and also comes with offline support, auto suggestions, and pronunciation help. The free version gives you the basics, while the paid version gives you more language options and removes ads.

6. Innovative Software

Price: free

How it works: Innovative Software is a group of bilingual dictionary apps, meaning you need a separate app per language. They all come with the same features: offline support, auto suggestions, pronunciation help, voice search, as well as synonyms and antonyms. They’ve even got a section for word games and memorization practice to help you learn. Choose the app for the language you need help with and it translates to English. All the apps are free, but do show ads with no paid option to remove them.

7. Microsoft Translator

Price: free

How it works: Microsoft Translator is basically the Microsoft version of Google Translate. It supports just as many languages and also works offline. What’s neat about this app, however, is that you can translate two-way conversations with up to 100 people at once! It also comes with a phrasebook, pronunciation support, and alternative translation options. With a free price and no ads, this is a great option for an on the go translation app.

8. TripLingo

Price: free, paid function for live translator at $3 per minute

How it works: TripLingo is a handy translation app for travelers. It translates words and phrases in 13 languages with access to audio files for pronunciation help. There is also an offline dictionary, audio lessons, and even a trip calculator and currency converter. What’s more, their “Wi-fi Dialer” enables calls to any U.S. phone number. You’ve also got access to a live translator at $3 per minute if you need real-time translation support. All in all, it’s a pretty useful app for those who travel to countries where they don’t know the language. 

9. Easy Language Translator

Price: free

How it works: Easy Language Translator is a basic and convenient translation app for text, voice, speech to text, and text to speech translations. It covers over 100 languages and enables you to share your translations. However, it does require an internet connection to function and some languages don’t have the option for voice translations. 

10. SayHi

Price: free

How it works: SayHi focuses specifically on speech to speech translations. It can translate more than ninety languages and dialects and comes with high-quality voice recognition software. You can speed up or slow down the rate of speech and share translations via social media, SMS, and email. There is also a chat option to speak with foreign language speakers in your local language.

If you’d like to learn some new vocabulary and start building your language skills, visit the Lingoda website and sign up for your free 7-day trial today.

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