Our best advice to finish the Lingoda Sprint

Our best advice to finish the Lingoda Sprint

by Ciara Gillan

Updated November 4, 2022

Have you ever thought, what if I could learn French in just three months? Well now, with the Lingoda Sprint, you can. There’s still time to join our latest Sprint challenge. Choose from French, German, Spanish, English or Business English and by September you’ll be conversing confidently in your language of choice. What’s more, is if you commit to attending, and you meet the rules, you’ll get your money back at the end! What’s not to love? 

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Top advice for completing the Lingoda Sprint

1. Book in advance

We pride ourselves on small numbers in our Sprint classes. However, that means places are limited, so it is advised to book 7 days in advance to ensure you can attend a class that suits your availability. Also it is worthwhile to really look at your calendar before committing to the Sprint challenge. Do you have time to attend 15 or 30 classes in a month? While missing a class doesn’t mean you can’t finish the course, it does disqualify you from getting your money back at the end. So we advise you to be realistic about your availability.

2. Ensure you are working at the right level

An easy way to be demotivated is to be studying at the wrong level. Perhaps you’re not a complete beginner. Or maybe you know some basics, but it’s been several years since you last spoke the language. Take our in house test to determine your level. This detailed test is quick and easy and will make an accurate assessment of your level. This will ensure that you pick the right level. Of course, if you find you’re progressing better than anticipated or it’s a bit too tough, you can change your level, and it won’t affect your position in the Sprint. 

3. Be persistent

Like anything, perseverance is the key to success. Try not to let yourself be dissuaded by a bad day. We all have those days when we feel we haven’t learned anything. Take heart and keep going and at the start of every week assign time for your studies. It’s great to attend all the classes, but you also need to assign time afterward to revise and study what you’ve just learnt.

4. Don’t double book

Be sure not to double book your classes on the same day. When you take the Sprint, you can only attend one class per day. While you are allowed to book your classes in advance, double booking will result in automatic disqualification. As mentioned above, being prepared is key. Know your timetable and availability. Carve out that time and stick to it. 

Sprint success is achievable

Learning a language is possibly one of the most gratifying things you can do for yourself. Think of how rewarding it will feel when you make it to the end. The subscription automatically signs you up for our Lingoda classes, however, you can unsubscribe in your last month of the Sprint. But if you’re not feeling as accomplished and successful as you should be after completing the challenge, then why not continue and take your language learning that step closer to fluency?

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Ciara Gillan is an Irish writer living in Berlin. An avid storyteller with a Masters in Creative Writing and love for crime fiction podcasts, she currently works as a copywriter for Lingoda. In her spare time, she writes audio fiction scripts, is brushing up on her high school German and is currently learning Spanish. You can find her on LinkedIn, Twitter and on her side hustle website, Reckless Fascination.

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