Brita Corzilius

Yogini, spiritual philosopher, virtual assistant and German teacher. Brita freed herself from a narrow mindset to go and explore different cultures and philosophies. She believes that we all are constantly re-inventing ourselves. Then why not with a whole portion of fun?

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Man in a library with a pile of books studying the differences between dative and accusative in German

Dec 31, 2020

The difference between accusative and dative in German

German cases seem to be a struggle for especially the English speaking students. You are not alone and this blog...

A man coughing talking about being sick in German

Mar 09, 2020

How to talk about being sick in German

If you are in Germany, you might (hopefully not) face the situation when you are sick and need help. This...

Oct 14, 2019

Cringe Situation in German? These Words Will Help!

Brita is back, this time she's here to help us put those cringe situations into perspective! Learn some helpful phrases...

German sausages with a banner saying

Oct 01, 2019

Sausage vocabulary in German – 8 idioms

The habit of eating meat and especially sausage in Germany is so deeply rooted that it even found its way...

Sep 18, 2019

When Should You Use Dative and Genitive in German?

What is the genitive case? Which case should you use when speaking German? Brita is back to explain the differences...

Man looking at a laptop frowning and wpndering about German verb conuugations

Sep 16, 2019

German verb conjugation across tenses

In this blog, Brita will explain the conjugation of verbs in German and she will also give you some tips...

Sep 09, 2019

How Do Germans Talk About the Past?

We will tackle a topic that might have given you a headache in your learning experience. We will have a...

Aug 15, 2019

20 German Phrases for Beginners

When learning German, we often take too long to create the right grammar to form the words and phrases we...

The German flag on the Reichstag as a symbol of Angela Merkel's quotes

Aug 06, 2019

Top 10 German quotes by Angela Merkel

We talk about her, we discuss her clothing style and know her diamond gesture she always does with her hands....