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Still think apps will replace language teachers? Think Again. Here are 8 reasons why teachers won’t be losing their ... spot anytime soon… and why you need to learn from one if you want to become fluent! https://t.co/TkcpTfjkon @mariatweeting #languagelearning #onlinelearning

What are pet names? When taken literally, they often sound ridiculous, but it’s a bit of a window into someone ... else’s world when you hear their private, sweet, or even sickly sweet name for someone. https://t.co/zghvPSONun #petnames #learngerman #learnenglish #learnfrench

Asking about weight, or wages? These are definite nos when dating an English speaker. Find out the useful dos and ... don’ts of the dating world from our English blogger, Laura. #dating #intercultural #English https://t.co/pVHwzuO93A

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