Anne Walther

Anne is a German freelance writer and communication consultant. In addition to her job, she is founder and coach of the Dutch non-for-profit organization CLUB Coaching. Due to her work, she resides in both Germany and the Netherlands. Whenever her time is not occupied with communication in all its forms, she spends time with her six pets, gardening or being creative with fashion and design. You can follow her on LinkedIn.

Latest posts by Anne Walther

Settin up of a typical maypole for 1 may celebrations in Germany

Apr 24, 2023

1 May in Germany: Origins, traditions and celebrations

Spring celebrations are a common theme in many European countries, and Germany is no exception to this rule. However, the...

Bowl of fruits on a wooden table that people will learn to say in German

Apr 24, 2023

20 of the most delicious fruits in German

When thinking about a tropical country, Germany may not be the first one to pop to mind. Still, it has...

A church in Bavaria, Germany where people need to pay the church tax

Apr 20, 2023

Church tax in Germany: What is it and do I have to pay it?

Starting a job is very exciting, and the expectations for your first paycheck are always high.  Those expectations tend to...

Deutsche Marks and more: German currency before the euro

Apr 17, 2023

Deutsche Marks and more: German currency before the euro

Germany has changed a lot in the last century. Along with the country’s enormous political and economic reforms, there have...

food waste in germany on a table

Apr 17, 2023

How much food does Germany waste?

Food waste is a hot topic all over the world. With growing prices due to inflation and increased production costs,...

Little boy painting his father's face while he sleeping. April fool's day prank

Mar 24, 2023

A genuine, no-joke April Fools’ Day post

While many traditions around the world are about doing good, giving back to the community and showing love to one...

best food in Berlin: roasted beef liver with green apples, onions and herbs close-up in a pan on the table

Mar 24, 2023

The best food in Berlin (and where to find it)

Sure, Berlin has an abundance of art, history and culture to explore. But did you know that Germany’s capital city...

Family in Switzerland having Swiss food

Feb 28, 2023

Swiss food: 13 dishes you must try

If you’re planning a culinary tour of Switzerland, the first three words that come to mind are likely cheese, cheese...

Family spending time together in Germany

Feb 16, 2023

How to talk about family in German

Making small talk is essential for learning a new language and integrating into a new country. And there’s no better...

Vegans, eating vegan food in a restaurant in Germany

Jan 31, 2023

Vegans and vegetarians in Germany: A quick guide

Being in the land of sausage and beer may sound like a challenge if you follow a plant-based diet, but...

Young woman struggling with winter depression in Germany

Jan 30, 2023

5 tips to avoid winter depression in Germany

While the  snow, winter sports and Christmas markets can make winter in Germany a pleasant time of year, many people...

A colleague saying German compliments to another colleague

Jan 30, 2023

German compliments: 15+ ways to make someone’s day 

Germans may have a reputation for being reserved and quiet, but if you live in Germany, you know that many...