Why Learning English Online is the Best Idea of the Year

Why Learning English Online is the Best Idea of the Year

by Erin McGann

Updated December 12, 2022

I met someone recently in Germany whose English was excellent, and I asked her where she learned to be so comfortable with conversation. She told me that she had always done well in English language classes at school, but when she spent time in the United States, she found her class learning wasn’t enough. Talking with native-level speakers made all the difference for her – and that’s where online learning really shines. 

Why is learning a language online so good?

Flexible English learning 

Learning new skills takes practice and consistency, and it’s the same for learning an instrument, a sport, or a language. Being able to take a class at lunchtime during your work day, or in the late evening after the kids are asleep, and not have to commit to a schedule, is a huge help. I have weeks with lots of work, or loads of evening commitments, but the mornings are a bit slow. Then the next week is pretty clear. I love being able to add a couple of extra classes when I have the time, and slow down my learning schedule when I’m busy. But most importantly, I can fly halfway across the world and still book lessons whenever, because Lingoda teachers are based all over. There is literally no excuse for not keeping up with my language learning. *books next class right now*

Native-level speaking teachers

Some people will tell you in-person classes are the only way to really learn a language. However, if where you live there aren’t many native-level English-speaking teachers, that’s just not going to work. Also, see my above point about consistency, if you’re not near to in-person classes or the schedule never works for you, then you won’t go! The best language class is the one you attend. So make it easy on yourself, and attend one in your comfy trousers on the couch, with teachers who for sure know the grammar and pronunciation. There’s nothing like a native-level speaker clearing up a bit of grammar or pronunciation you’ve been struggling with in a matter of minutes to convince you native-level teachers are the way to go. My favourite parts of class are when we ask: ‘But how do you say this to your friend?’ 

man learning languages online with lingoda using his laptop

Small language class sizes

Which neatly leads to my next point. I remember attending an evening French language course at a community college. There were 30 people in my class, and we were frequently broken into groups to practice. My group mates were hopeless, and embarrassed. We never got anything done in these sessions, and whichever group was nearest the teacher got all the help. Now, imagine being that small group of three to five near the teacher and getting all the coaching. That is what an entire Lingoda class is like, every time. You use your lesson time effectively because class sizes are small. You can ask questions, and you get feedback on your pronunciation and practice because the teacher calls on you many times. There is no hiding! But this means you actually learn. 

With online learning, you’ll make real progress

Because you are taking classes more often, because you are learning from native-level teachers, because you are in a small class – you make real progress. If your goal is to learn English this year, and to speak confidently and well, book an online class with Lingoda. With work, family, travel, and everything else everyday life throws at you, online English learning with live, native-level teachers is the absolute best way to make real, noticeable progress. Remember, the best language class to take is the one you actually attend. Regularly! 

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