What is the Lingoda Sprint and why is everybody talking about it?

by Erin McGann
April 08, 2021
woman studying a language with the Lingoda sprint

The Lingoda Language Sprint – It’s the quick way to get comfortable in English, French, German or Spanish in only three months.

This time around we’re offering a Super Sprint early bird option. Sign up for the Super Sprint before 24 June, complete 90 classes in 3 months, and you could earn 100% cashback. If you sign up for the Super Sprint after 24 June, you can earn 50% cashback when you finish.

If committing to a class every day is too much for your schedule, try our regular Sprint. Take 45 classes in 3 months, and you could earn 50% cashback at the end.

The benefits of learning a language with the Lingoda Language Sprint

There is nothing like consistency to build up your language skills quickly. Practising every day is key to learning an instrument, and it’s no different when learning a language. You’re building on the skills you’re learning and reinforcing all those grammar rules, all the time. If too much time passes between lessons, you’re just relearning some of the same things over and over. 

Speak confidently

Taking classes regularly does wonders for your speaking confidence. Every Lingoda class will get you talking, and learning new phrases. Breaking down those barriers around speaking another language by doing it often. This is particularly true if you’re not living where your target language is spoken. The Lingoda Language Sprint simulates a bit of that immersion environment, where you’re speaking often with native speakers. 

Flexible class times

Are you working during the week but get home at dinnertime? Taking care of your family until late at night but only have mornings free? Unpredictable shift work? You can still do the Lingoda Language Sprint and get confident speaking another language. Seriously, there are native speaking teachers all over, offering classes in different time zones. Night owls can take 11pm classes, and parents with kids in school can take an 8am class right after drop-off. You don’t need to take classes at the same time of day either, so if you’re free mornings one week and evenings the next, that works too. 

10 ways to prepare for the Language Sprint

Small class sizes

If you’ve ever taken an evening language course at your local college or university, you know the situation: 25-30 students at varying levels of language proficiency, put into ‘conversation groups’. The teacher walks around trying to help, but because most of you are floundering around, you don’t get much practice in. Lingoda classes are, thankfully, not like that. The maximum number of students is five, and your teacher is right there to correct and direct you. There is conversational practice, but your teacher is listening and helps straight away. You fellow classmates are close in level to you, and there’s never long to wait until it is your turn. You’re not wasting time.

Are you ready to Sprint?

woman learning online with the Lingoda Language Sprint holding a cup of coffee

Free structured course materials

Lingoda teachers are organised and following a set curriculum based on the Common European Frame of Reference for Languages (what all those A1, B1 levels are based on). The learning goals for each lesson are clear and set out from the beginning. There is no meandering and vague lessons you sometimes get with other online teachers. There is a clear path to success with Lingoda, and you know where you are all the time. You can download your learning materials and refer back to them, as well as the chat where your teacher puts in their answers to questions that come up during class.

I’ve taken language class at university, in evening classes, private lessons at private language schools, and used every language app under the sun – Lingoda is efficient and effective when you’re looking to truly learn and use a language in the real world. 

How we completed the Lingoda Sprint


Just a note on the Lingoda Language Sprint: you need to specifically sign up for a Sprint, and payment for your lessons is taken in three installments. After the Sprint or Super Sprint is finished, and your attendance is checked, you will receive your refund!

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