Alphie’s Top Marathon Tips

Alphie’s Top Marathon Tips

by Lingoda Team

Updated February 9, 2021

Alphie’s back with his top Lingoda Marathon Challenge tips!

Hey there, it’s me, Alphie (that’s short for ‘Alphabet’ by the way), and i’m here to share my language learning tips with you!

I’ve been a part of the Lingoda family for six months now. Usually you can see me travelling around the world but despite what people think, I do some real work sometimes!

I have seen and experienced a lot here as a coworker and as a student learning languages with our native teachers. And recently I completed the German Marathon Challenge and it helped me to understand you guys even better!

Lingoda Marathon tips

Pens and notebook at the ready. Plus cough sweets! I’m going to be doing a lot of talking in these lessons!

Sharing is caring, so here are my top insider tips that can help you complete and maybe even win the Marathon Challenge.

Let’s begin with our Lingoda Marathon Challenge Tips:

  1. Write a letter in the language that you are going to learn or even better record a video before the Marathon of you speaking the language. Watch it after the Marathon and you will be amazed how much you have improved!
  2. Check all the cafes/restaurants with WiFi near your place. You need a substitute venue in case your internet provider decides to cut off the internet or for when you just need a change of scenery.
  3. Set an alarm 30 minutes before the class so you’ll never be late. Why not go one step further and go over the class material in advance?
  4. It is not mandatory to choose the same time for the classes every day, but most of our teachers usually give classes according to their schedule. If you like him/her, it makes sense to follow the time he/she is teaching accordingly.
  5. It is always better to follow the course programme. When you start the Marathon Challenge on the beginner levels, like A1 to A2, click on “Show my next topics” so you can book the classes one by one not to miss any important grammar topics.
  6. Prepare an introduction for yourself. You will have to do it at least 45 (or even 90) times, meeting new people and teachers. Come up with several short but interesting sentences about yourself to be more confident.
  7. Don’t skip writing classes, they can bring you a lot of value. Writing shows the language from an absolutely different perspective. For example, written German differs from spoken German as I know!!
  8. Book classes according to your biological clock. For instance, I am not a morning person, in-fact I hate them, so morning classes don’t work well for me. And vice-versa for early birds!
  9. Give yourself some extra motivation. For instance, a special treat at the end of the Marathon. Go shopping or treat yourself to a day in the spa. You deserve a reward because the Marathon is a lot of work! And remember, give Lingoda enough time to calculate the results. We don’t want to make any mistakes!

There we are, I hope that was helpful. Now I am thinking about doing the Marathon Challenge in another language, because I know it works for me!

What language should I learn next?

Your Lingoda Marathon Challenge Coach, 


So now you’ve got the tips, let’s put them into practise! Head over to our website and start your language learning journey today. Remember, if you attend 90% of your classes, you could get up to 1400€ course fees back.