The next big thing in language learning

The next big thing in language learning

by Jakob Straub

Updated August 4, 2023

Online classes and digital learning have forever shaped how we acquire language skills. Today, many language learners have ambitious goals and want or need to be able to speak a new language quickly. You might therefore ask: what’s the next big thing in language learning that’ll help me get there faster? The answer is the Lingoda Language Sprint! We’ll explain how it works and how you can do it.

The Lingoda Sprint is the next big thing in language learning

What is the Lingoda Language Sprint?

The Lingoda Language Sprint is an intensive language learning course with two different plans which allow you to speak a new language confidently after just three months. Not only will you improve your language skills, you can also earn cashback when you complete the course.

Committing to regular, high-intensity learning will give you big results thanks to proven methods that work: you’ll learn in small online classes with just a few other students. Our rotating native-level teachers use learning plans designed by experts.

With classes available 24/7, you can fit them into a busy schedule and learn according to your own agenda. And because a three months intensive course is a big challenge, we offer a big reward with 50% or class credits that are of an even higher value.

How does the Language Sprint work?

With the Sprint and Super Sprint, you can select two levels of intensity for your two-month learning period. There is no fixed schedule: you pick the times for your online classes and you can vary to fit your learning around your busy times to achieve your personal work-life-balance.

In terms of technology, all you need are a computer with the free video call software Zoom and a reliable internet connection. Your classes take place with two to four other students from all around the world. Your certified teacher will be a native-level speaker and guide you through the lesson. All learning materials are available for you to download. Interaction with other students and the teacher is encouraged, and you’ll speak your new language from the very first lesson. 

Why is the Language Sprint effective for learning?

The Lingoda methodology for the Language Sprint ensures that you learn the necessary grammar and vocabulary to achieve fluency. But the teachers also include conversational topics following your interests, so you’ll be able to apply what you learn outside the classroom in real life from the beginning.

The Sprint covers speaking, conversational skills, grammar, vocabulary as well as reading and writing. All materials are free to use and quizzes for refreshing and practicing skills are available. Experts create the material following CEFR standards.

Lingoda teachers are qualified, certified professionals with excellent teaching experience. As native-level speakers, they’ll give you plenty of opportunities to practice speaking and receive feedback. With a set of rotating teachers, you’ll learn varying aspects of the language with different accents, dialects and expressions.

How you can take the Lingoda Language Sprint

Choose the Sprint or Super Sprint

When you decide to join the Lingoda Language Sprint, you can choose between two levels of intensity.

  • The Sprint offers intensive learning fitted around your schedule: you choose when you want to learn. You’ll be taking 15 classes per month over the course of three months with the possibility to earn 50% cashback or 40 class credits that are of an even higher value.
  • The Super Sprint allows for the same flexibility in scheduling your learning classes, but consists of 30 classes per month for three months. This super intensive learning period comes with the possibility to earn 50% cashback or 75 class credits that are of an even higher value!

Both these plans for the sprint require an initial €49 deposit after which you’ll pay in three monthly installments.

Available languages

The languages you can learn in the Lingoda Language Sprint are English, Business English, German, French and Spanish. If you already have some knowledge but don’t know your level in the language you want to learn, you can take a free level placement test.

Learn more and prepare yourself for the language sprint

If you want to know more about taking the Lingoda Language Sprint, you can read the experience of a student who finished the sprint as well as your useful tips on how to prepare for the Language Sprint.

Are you ready to improve your language skills, learn your language of choice intensively and speak confidently after just three months? Places are limited, so take the challenge of the Lingoda Language Sprint now! Remember: you’ll receive a CEFR certificate for each level you complete with Lingoda.

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