The Lingoda Sprint: Everything You Need to Know!

by Lingoda Team
December 04, 2019

Getting started with the Lingoda Sprint

The most important thing about the Lingoda Sprint?  It’s a challenge! It takes time, continuous practice and dedication – just like running a Sprint! But once you become fluent in a new language it feels amazing. Just like when you cross the finish line at the end of a race. 

We also wanted to give students an extra incentive: The chance to get a refund, if you complete all of your classes!

The Lingoda Sprint is not something you come across everyday. Usually when you read ‘refund’, you think there’s a catch. With the Lingoda Sprint, there is no trick. You work hard, you reap the benefits!

So, what is the Sprint?

  • It’s three months months of online language learning – choose between 30 or 15 classes per month
  • Flexible schedule: We offer classes 24/7 on our platform – If you like to get up early and want a lesson at 5am, go for it.
  • Learn with native-speaking qualified teachers from around the world – because nothing beats learning the language from a trained native.
  • Use Zoom, an established online classroom platform that connects you with teachers and students all over the world.  
  • Thousands of students have already completed challenges with Lingoda, got a refund and improved their language skills, such as Evgeniya and Olga.
  • Get a refund of up to 100%!

If you want to find out more, here are some great results and statistics from our very first challenge. 

Join The Sprint Promotion

What’s new this time?

The new Lingoda Sprint Promotion has some cool new classes, quizzes and technology:

  • Learn French and Spanish They are back and better than ever. And you can still learn English and German, of course.
  • Learn Business English – We are launching a fantastic course for B1 (or over) English learners to really improve their English for the workplace.  With our modern learning materials, discover how to negotiate, how to stand out in meetings and excel in a team as well as in your career. 
  • New added feature: take quizzes after each lessons to assess your learning. You can go back adn take these at any time!
  • Zoom – Having a lesson with Zoom’s  online classroom technology is a tried, tested and stable way of learning and ensuring student satisfaction. Better tech means less stress and better results.

Have anymore questions?

Have a read of the FAQs on the websiteThe more you know, the more likely you will gain a refund!

If you’re ready to start your own language learning journey, visit our website and explore your options today.

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