Lingoda Language Marathon Excuses

Lingoda Language Marathon Excuses

by Lingoda Team

Updated February 9, 2021

We’ve spoken to loads of students who’ve taken the Lingoda Marathon Challenge, and many who are thinking about it. Here are some excuses they give for not learning a language along with helpful replies from our team and our students.

I don’t have enough time!

Ok, the Marathon Challenge requires commitment. But you can find time if you try! Tips from our students include, setting your alarm an hour earlier and taking a class before work or college; suspending gym membership for three months, or even deleting the social apps from your phone. 

The rules are too strict

True, the Marathon is a challenge – hence the name! Just like a running marathon it requires lots of preparation and endurance. But even if you don’t qualify for a refund, the Marathon is exceptional value for money and you will dramatically improve your speaking and written confidence in another language.

How can you learn properly online with teachers?

Good question! Actually all our classes take place in virtual classrooms, where you study in small groups, face-to-face with real teachers. We use the world’s leading education platform  Zoom, and most classes have an average of three students. Which also means that you get more opportunities to practice speaking, and more feedback from our incredible teachers.

It’s not a proper language course – are the materials credible?

Yes they are! All our lessons are developed by our digital learning experts. You can choose from more than 1,000 classes. And you’ll always find the topics that match your professional and personal goals, from everyday conversation to business skills. In addition, Lingoda issues language certificates based on the internationally recognised CEFR framework that prove your learning progress.


I don’t want to have classes with different teachers

All our teachers are native-speaking, qualified professionals. And just like in real life, they have different accents and speaking styles. During the Marathon you’ll learn how to understand and communicate with different tones of voice so that you are well-equipped to speak confidently both in the world of work, and common social situations.

I keep seeing positive reviews of the Marathon Challenge, but can I trust them?

Yes you can! So far, more than 10,000 students have taken part in the Lingoda Marathon Challenge. For many it’s been a life-changing experience, from making new friends, to getting a new job or even moving to work in another country. You can read some of their testimonials on the Marathon Challenge page, the Trustpilot review site, and our Instagram.

My partner will be jealous of the time I spend in class!

Yes, we’ve actually heard this one from a Marathon student who was spending time every day taking lessons, preparing and revising! So here’s an idea. Why not see if your partner wants to learn a language as well? You can practice and revise together. You might even end up in the same class, like Elina and her husband who completed the Marathon together.

I’m too nervous to learn a language

Don’t worry! It’s natural to be nervous when you first learn a language. Especially when you might have to speak in front of people that you don’t know! Remember, nearly everyone feels the same way and our teachers are trained to make you feel confident in class. You can also read the advice from one of our teachers, Laura, who’s an expert on overcoming pre-lesson nerves!

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