The best YouTube channels to improve your German

The best YouTube channels to improve your German

by Jakob Straub

Updated June 30, 2021

YouTube videos are a great way to improve your German language skills. Whether you’re a beginner learning the language with extensive lessons, just want to brush up with short tips or are looking for some entertainment in German, there are many ways in which you can learn German with YouTube. We’ve found the best YouTube channels to learn German so you can get started!

The top YouTube channels to learn German


Alemanizando brings you new videos every week by a Brazilian couple living in Berlin. Their focus is definitely on entertainment and you’ll hear a lot more Portuguese than German, but you get to learn about life in Germany and Europe, German culture as well as its curiosities and peculiarities with them.


Andy aka Andrea Giménez is a 22-year-old student from Madrid living in Berlin. On her channel, she talks in Spanish, English and German about her personal experience and regularly posts videos on living, studying and travelling in Germany, vlogs in German, and tips and tricks on how to learn German. You can also read our interview with Andrea on why and how you should learn German!

Chloe Kian

Chloe Kian is a French girl living in Berlin who regularly posts videos about creative living, ethical fashion, veganism and self love. There is the occasional vlog about life in Germany as well.

Crónicas Germánicas

Elisabet is a Spanish mother living in Germany since 2012. Born in Barcelona, she speaks Spanish, German, English, Italian and Catalan. Her blog and channel Crónicas Germnánicas features videos about German and learning the language, as well as recipes, travel, traditions and discovering the country.

Deutsch für euch

Katja is studying to become a teacher and posts videos of five to ten minutes about once per week on her channel Deutsch für Euch. She’s giving accessible yet extensive grammar explanations from easy to advanced, and there is the occasional fun video as well.

Deutsch mit Marija

Marija speaks Russian and German and has an extensive collection of videos on her channel Deutsch mit Marija. Topics include grammar and vocabulary, expressions, talking in German and exam preparation. The captions and text-on-screen are helpful to facilitate learning.

Deutsch mit Sonja

Sonja Hubmann lives in Austria and has videos for learning German with a focus on literature, speaking, vocabulary, and  grammar. There are also German lessons in Spanish, French, Russian, English and Chinese. Her vlogs will tell you about life in Vienna.

Düsseldorf lleva Umlaut

Düsseldorf lleva Umlaut is a channel by a Spanish couple about daily life in Germany. Among the vlogs and anecdotes are posts about migrating to Germany, working in the country, tricks to learn German, the German culture as well as what to see and do in the country. 

El jardin de Martin

Martin is another Latino in Germany and uses his channel El Jardín de Martín for content about living and working in the country, learning the language, using tools and tricks for acquiring language skills and managing German tasks and bureaucracy.

Felicia Hofner- German Girl in America

Felicia Hofner is a German Girl in America. Originally from Munich, she won the Green Card Lottery and emigrated. A lot of her videos highlight the cultural differences between the two countries, but she’ll also talk about language issues such as false friends between German and English as well as habits, fluency and expat life.

Laura Fruit Fairy

German girl Laura posts videos as Fruit Fairy in English and German about food, veganism and topics related to health.

German Skills

Dilyana has learned German as a second language herself and therefore knows all the mistakes you can make learning German. She talks about it extensively on her channel German Skills where she is giving tips and tricks regarding pronunciation, learning exercises and exams. There is also the occasional fun or motivational video to keep you going!

Get Germanized

YouTuber MeisterLehnsherr has chosen “Live, laugh, learn” as the motto for his channel Get Germanized. He’s been introducing learners to the German culture and language for nearly 12 years and posts new videos every Saturday. Topics include language lessons for all levels, cultural comparisons, exploring Germany or humorous content.

Learn German with Herr Antrim

Herr Antrim is a teacher with more than ten years of experience, offering hundreds of language learning videos on his channel Learn German with Herr Antrim. There is new content every week dealing with a wide range of subjects, such as grammar and vocabulary, common issues and expressions or practical tips.

Joss and Janik

Joss and Janik are an international couple, a German and a Mexican who have found each other in the USA. On their channel, they primarily talk about living and travelling together and traversing different languages and cultures.

Lerne Deutsch

German girl Steffi and her Israeli boyfriend Shlomo are producing videos together. Lerne Deutsch features an easy and fun approach to learning German with common issues you’ll face and practical learning tips.

Lina Vasquez

Lina Vasquez is a polyglot and coach easily switching between 15 languages. Her channel Lina Vasquez Learning combines language learning with personal development and features not only many language learning tips, but also an extensive playlist with videos for learning German.

Mexicanos en Alemania

Mexicanos en Alemania gives you a Latin American perspective on learning German and life in the country, especially centered around work and bureaucratic issues with videos ranging in length from short to long.

Phils Osophie

22-year-old German Phil describes himself as a nerd, pop culture enthusiast and aspiring writer. His channel Phils Osophie is centered around literature, pop culture and lifestyle. Using closed captions, it’s a good way to pick up some German with easy topics.

Simple Germany

Simple Germany is a great resource for understanding life in Germany. It consists of a blog and a YouTube channel created by Jen and Yvonne, two women living in Düsseldorf – Jen from Guatemala and Yvonne from Germany. Their channel gives expats in-depth information and tips about living in Germany, bureaucracy, culture and services.

Now you know the top YouTube channels, what else can you do to improve your language learning? We’ll let you in on the top 10 approaches to learning German!

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