The best Tiktok accounts for learning English

The best Tiktok accounts for learning English

by Erin McGann

Updated February 11, 2021

Tiktok has become Erin’s social media network of choice for feel-good content lately. Her For You page is full of funny talking birds, dogs doing funny things, quick cooking tips, and language learning. Here’s what Erin has to say… “I know, it seems like a weird combination, but it works. Videos are up to 60 seconds long, and lots are shorter, so you’re getting little hits of vocabulary in your distraction scrolling time. Perfect, right?” Erin goes her her favourite TikTok accounts for learning English.

Our 6 favourite TikTok accounts for learning English

Andrea Holm English

Andrea doesn’t just stand there and talk to the camera, but takes you out on walks with her, acts out phone conversations, and does little skits to really clarify the grammar or vocabulary she’s talking about. Her ‘at the hospital’ vs ‘in the hospital’ is a classic!

English Understood

This British man speaks slowly and clearly, offering up different phrases for saying the same thing. For example, he gives many British English phrases for being sick, for saying sorry, for saying you like something. He also goes into some dialect differences between British and American English. He doesn’t have the classic London BBC accent, so this is good practice for a different British accent. 

Learning English

This is actually a Burmese account, but there’s no need to know Burmese. They take clips from famous films of actors all saying the same phrase, and then string them together, one after another. It’s interesting, because you have the English text above to show you what you’re listening to, but you get the phrase in all sorts of situations, spoken quickly and slowly and by men and women, with different accents and inflections. 

Real Life English

This account is quite funny, because it’s shared between a real life couple, one of whom is British and one is American. They sometimes to a head-to-head dialect comparison, which is quite funny. They focus on how people speak in real life, and how it compares to textbook English. Sometimes they speak quite quickly, which is a shame, but if you’re into learning slang, this is the account for you. 

Speak English with Mish

A native British English speaker, Mish (short for Michelle, if you were wondering), speaks very clearly, and puts notes on the screen in text, which really helps if you’re new to the vocabulary she’s using. Mish keeps her videos short and focuses on commonly misused words and phrases, or the difference between similar-sounding words like remember and remind, compliment and complement, and more.

English with Tanya

Tanya is not a native speaker, but her slight accent shouldn’t get in your way. She focuses on idioms and phrasal verbs to get you sounding more natural when you speak English. I love that she includes little clips from popular TV shows and films to illustrate how these phrases and idioms fit into conversation. 

Add a few of these accounts to your regular rotation of funny cat videos and birds that love shoelaces, and you’ll pick up some new vocabulary even when you’re not even ‘working on your English’!