The best language night classes

The best language night classes

by Andrea Byaruhanga

Updated November 9, 2022

Are you a full-time employee? A college student who attends classes all day? Someone who just really hates mornings. Whoever you are, you might be the kind of person who’s interested in learning a language in the evenings. Wondering what your options are? We’re here to help!

Let’s take a look below at the benefits of learning at night and the best language night classes.

Why learn in the evenings?

Aside from freeing up your daytime hours for other commitments, here are some of the other benefits of evening classes:

Better for night owls

Not everyone is wired the same way: While some of us are happy to wake up, have a balanced breakfast and start our day, others can’t stand the idea of trying to learn something before lunchtime. Language night classes offer night owls (those of us who have the most energy and focus when the sun goes down) the chance to attend classes during the hours they learn best.

Time to prepare before class

If you have a language class first thing in the morning, when are you most likely to do your homework or study? That’s right: the night before. An upcoming quiz or assignment due in the morning means there’s more of a chance you’ll be cramming or doing some stressful, last-minute prep at night before bed. If you attend a language night class, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to fit some time into your day (after work, for example), to prepare for your class – you won’t have to lose sleep over it.

Meet similar people

The other students in your language night class will likely have a schedule or situation similar to yours: Maybe they’re working professionals or full-time students, or maybe they simply prefer learning at night. Meeting people in the same boat as you can be a great way to make professional connections, build new friendships or just find new study buddies on the same schedule as you.

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Best language night classes

Now that you know the advantages of learning at night, let’s discuss the best language night classes!

Private group classes

Many educational institutions like universities or international schools offer private group classes. The classes typically accommodate around 15 students, but that can vary. Some schools, such as International House in London, allow you to tailor your learning with a specific focus (like business, general or exam prep). Certain courses also let you choose the length of time you want to study. Cactus, for example, has language courses throughout the UK ranging from one to 10 weeks. 

These courses are often great for learning from qualified instructors; however, they’re not offered in every city or even in every country. Finding a private group class depends on where you live and how far you want to commute.

Government-sponsored classes

Some countries offer language night classes that are paid for by the government. Canada, for example, offers a popular program called LINC. These free programs are different from private courses: They’re usually for new immigrants who need to improve their language skills. For that reason, these courses are only offered in the official language(s) of the country where they’re located. Subject matter tends to be focused on “survival” language, with topics like banking, housing and job searching.

Because these programs are governent sponsored, many of them have long waitlists. And, as we mentioned above, the content you learn is based on what the government feels you should be learning – these lessons can’t be customised.

Language tutors

People who prefer one-on-one language learning often choose language tutors. Some are employed at tutoring centres, while others are private tutors and teach in a variety of locations, like at a coffee shop or a library.  With tutors, lesson topics can often be completely customised; also, the tutor’s attention is entirely focused on one student. 

While language tutors have their advantages, they can also be expensive; they often charge by the hour. Additionally, language tutors can sometimes lack the qualifications of a class instructor.

Online classes

Many learners think the best language night classes are online – and we have to agree. Let’s look at why courses like those we offer at Lingoda might just be your best option.

First, you’re not stuck with regular business hours. Lingoda offers 24/7 classes, so you can choose times that work for you, even if  that’s in the middle of the night. The courses also have no geographical boundaries. You get to learn from expert teachers no matter where you (or they) live, unlike in-person classes. Learning a language online also means you get to stay in the comfort of your own home – no need to go out in the dark or cold weather, or waste time in transit. And, to make sure our courses work with your budget, Lingoda also lets you take as many or as few classes as you like, in a group or one-on-one setting.

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Choose the best language night class 

Whatever matters most to you in a language night class, Lingoda has you covered. Contact us today to learn more about improving your skills with the best language night classes around!

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