Teenage Slang? Sounds Dank!

Teenage Slang? Sounds Dank!

by Lingoda Team

Updated November 10, 2022

Lingoda’s Quick-stop Guide to Teenage Slang!

Language is ever-evolving. But nothing seems to change quicker than teen culture. Thanks to social media, and the rise of digital communication, teenage slang is evolving quicker than ever before.

The Oxford English Dictionary are tracking how teenage language is developing. They want to record all distinctive words which help shape language. You can read more about it here!

We put together our top teenage terms to help you stay clued up and with it!

Awks – Awkward

“Did you see her fall over? Awks!”

Bae – Used to describe a boyfriend for girlfriend and means “before anyone else”

“He’s my bae. We’ve been together a year!”

Bare – A lot of  

“She’s got bare money now she’s had a promotion”

Bruh – Brother or bro  

“Bruh! How’s it going?”

Cheddar – Money  

She’s got mad cheddar, have you seen her new car?”

Curve – To reject someone in a romantic sense

“She totally curved me.”

Dope – Cool or amazing

“That gig was dope!”

Fam – Used to describe close friends.

“What’s happening fam?”

Ghost – To stop texting or contacting someone

“I haven’t heard from him in 2 weeks. He ghosted me!”

Lit – Amazing

That hamburger was lit”

Squad – Used to describe a close group of friends – similar to fam 

“I’m meeting the squad at 6pm, are you coming?”

Thirsty – When someone is trying to get attention

“Did you see that selfie he posted? He’s so thirsty!”

Tight – In a close relationship

“I’ve known her since Primary school, we’re tight.”

YOLO – You only live once

“Oh come on, you only live once. Eat the cake!”

Do you have anymore slang words we can add to our list? Which ones do you always use, and which do you steer clear of?

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