A tourist asking for help and saying I don't understand in French

Mar 25, 2024

How to say ‘I don’t understand’ in French

When you start learning French, you won’t understand every word of conversation. That’s perfectly normal, but it’s also important to...


Mar 18, 2024

Mastering the art of small talk in Spanish

Have you ever felt anxious when starting a conversation with a stranger in Spanish? You’re not alone! Making small talk...


Mar 18, 2024

How to use adjectives as nouns in Spanish to grow your vocabulary

Which way do you want to grow your Spanish vocabulary, the easy way or the hard way? (¿Cuál quieres, la...


Mar 18, 2024

How to say ‘I like’ in Italian

What do Italians say when they like something? Well, there’s quite a range of options available. First and foremost, in...

Couple singing German love songs in the car

Mar 15, 2024

5 German love songs that will make your heart melt 

German culture isn’t famous for big emotions and public displays of affection. And yet, the lyrics to popular German love...


Mar 07, 2024

Italian present tense made easy: A comprehensive guide

If there’s something Italian is known for, it’s the rich variety of verb tenses. Before you get ahead of yourself...

Two young woman sitting on a couch and chatting about the differences between Swiss German and Standard German

Mar 06, 2024

4 differences between Swiss German and Standard German

Would you be able to understand Swiss German as a German speaker? In most cases, the answer is no. But...

Two chatting with a coffee while on a date in Switzerland

Mar 06, 2024

A guide to dating in Switzerland

Dating is never easy, but it can be especially fraught if you’re looking for love in a foreign country. Such...

A couple saying goodbye in Swiss German at a train station

Mar 06, 2024

7 ways to say goodbye in Swiss German

When you’re starting to learn Swiss German, one of the first things you probably want to know is how to...


Feb 27, 2024

A quick lesson on asking and giving Spanish directions

Knowing how to ask for and give directions in Spanish can be a lifesaver. Whether your GPS doesn’t work or...

Spanish words with ‘ñ’: Everything you need to know

Feb 26, 2024

Spanish words with ‘ñ’: Everything you need to know

When we begin learning Spanish, we may get confused with all those Spanish words with the letter “ñ”. However, knowing...

Business Spanish: The benefits and key vocabulary

Feb 26, 2024

Business Spanish: The benefits and key vocabulary

Spanish is among the top-five most spoken languages worldwide, and trust us, adding business Spanish to your resume can significantly...

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