Give the gift of love & language this Valentine’s Day with Lingoda and Matchmaker Maria

Give the gift of love & language this Valentine’s Day with Lingoda and Matchmaker Maria

by Jakob Straub

Updated March 3, 2023

Communication is key to a healthy and loving relationship. All of us communicate with more than just words. In love, there are five languages we speak: words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service and physical touch. Read more about this further down in the article.

This Valentine’s Day, get closer and bond with your partner over language. Lingoda has partnered with relationship expert Maria Avgitidis for a match made in heaven. While Lingoda is all about online language classes, Matchmaker Maria can teach you how to leverage love languages to communicate with your partner. Find out how to tap into her matchmaking expertise with us and give the gift of love languages for Valentine’s Day!

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How you can give the gift of love languages to your partner this Valentine’s Day

All you need is love, yet as universal as the feeling is, speaking the same language is of course crucial to understanding your partner. You can learn Spanish, French, German, English and Business English with the top online language school Lingoda. But what about the five love languages?

“Love Languages are typically not something you learn in school or in class. So our partnership with Matchmaker Maria may seem like an unlikely pairing at first glance,” said Michael Shangkuan, CEO of Lingoda.

We also communicate and show our appreciation and love by giving affirmation or material gifts, spending quality time together, performing acts of service for our loved one, or by engaging in physical touch. Yet, we don’t always want to receive love in the same way as we want to give it—or as our partner.

Speaking different love languages is like not communicating on the same channel and can feel like a “mismatch” where your efforts fall short. That’s why dedicating time to learning the love language of your romantic partner and exploring your own can help you communicate more intimately.

It makes for a great gift or couple experience for Valentine’s Day, which is why Lingoda has partnered with Maria Avgitidis, a dating and relationship expert with decades of experience. As Matchmaker Maria, she’s all about establishing deep connections through attachment styles and love languages.

“Thanks to her expertise in the dating world today, Maria can give insights into the Five Love Languages while Lingoda can teach you better communication in a variety of languages. We can’t teach you love languages, but we can teach you Spanish, French, German, English or Business English. Whether it’s something you and your partner could do together or as a solitary new hobby, language checks all the boxes and is a really thoughtful and out-of-the-box gifting experience.”

How can you learn and benefit from Matchmaker Maria’s relationship and dating expertise?

On February 9, she will host a Q&A session on Instagram to explain and talk about the five love languages. In an interactive Q&A session afterwards, you get to ask your pressing questions. In her weekly feature #AskAMatchMaker, Maria Avgitidis also addresses questions and issues from her community.

Join the session and surprise your partner afterwards with your newly improved communication skills, or take part as a couple to learn together with your loved one!

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What does Matchmaker Maria do?

Maria Avgitidis is the founder and CEO of Agape Match. Better known as Matchmaker Maria, she has garnered a global reputation as a successful matchmaker with her approach. Her process is based on behavioral science and the insights of four generations of family matchmaking traditions.

The award-winning method of Agape Match utilizes modern relationship psychology and search techniques to introduce you to your ultimate match. The team of relationship experts and professionals focus on each client’s personal relationship goals to leverage the full potential of attachment style and preferred love language.

On her Instagram, Matchmaker Maria shares practical tips and advice on identifying potential partners and keeping your relationship loving, fun and healthy. Follow her to learn more about the five love languages!

Why communication matters in a healthy relationship

When communication falls short in a relationship, our mind may fill in the blanks: we assume, we interpret, we tell ourselves a story that doesn’t overlap with reality. In turn, we might overreact instead of respond. Frustration or resentment can grow and we might involuntarily fall into the patterns of our particular attachment style, triggering relationship dynamics based on the attachment style of our partner.

Empathetic communication is an effective and reliable way to show our emotions, work through this and grow a relationship into a healthy, deeper and lasting bond. Remember: it’s not only the words we say, it’s the love languages we speak that make up our romantic communication.

What are love languages?

The Five Love Languages is a book by US-American author and radio host Gary Chapman first published in 1992. His work describes the communication and dynamics in relationships. A particular focus is on the love languages which couples and romantic partners use to express and receive love for one another. Chapman lists these five:

  • words of affirmation (compliments and verbal support)
  • spending quality time together
  • giving and receiving (material) gifts
  • performing acts of service for one another
  • engaging in physical touch (intimacy)

According to Chapman, most couples enjoy and use all five, though each partner may prefer one primary love language. Being aware of this and each other’s needs, couples can improve their communication.

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Improve your communication skills to invest in your relationship

Showering your partner with love and gifts is great, but making the effort to do so in the way they want to receive it is even greater. You’ll soon see that every bit counts and your partner will appreciate every single message you send in their love language. Taking the time to level up your communication is the best investment in your relationship you can make. Give the gift of love languages with Matchmaker Maria and Lingoda!

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